Dreaming of consistent cash in your business every single month?

✅ You’re ready to fuck the feast & famine rollercoaster and know for a fact that money is coming in to your business every single month. 

You want a bigger audience, more exposure, wild engagement and hundreds of comments on your posts with people raving and tagging their friends. 

✅ You want your message to be so captivating that strangers on the internet become clients every single day – no need to crush objections or get on sales calls. 

✅ You want to get paid every time you post – without having to wonder what to say so people pay attention and get excited to buy.

✅ You want your audience to jump on your offers as soon as you press share – no more hunting for clients, begging for sales or discounting your way to the bottom of the barrel. 

✅ You’re done with exhausting, anxiety ridden launches that fall on deaf ears – you want to know exactly what to do, and how to sell, to make sales as easy and simple as possible. 

✅ You dream of feeling confident, certain and expecting that no matter what you put out there, people are going to buy it no questions asked. 

✅ No more overcomplicating the process, getting overwhelmed with too many strategies that don’t get results, or re-inventing the wheel over and over again. 

You want to enjoy your business and have ultimate clarity on how money is coming in, every single month.


I’ve spent years overcomplicating the process of making money in my business.

Reinventing the wheel, coming up with so many offers even I got confused what I was actually selling.

I had a hard time explaining who I was, how I helped people and why they should hire me.

Being a multiplassionate entrepreneur with ADHD felt like a constant rollercoaster.

Bigger months followed by crickets, the constant anxiety of not knowing how much is coming in next month, it felt exhausting for a new mom with an infant on her arm and I was sick of that reality.

One day, when 2 of my clients suddenly ended their retainers, leaving me in absolute panic over paying the bills, I decided shit needed to change, ASAP.

When I stopped playing small, owned who the fuck I am, and went full throttle on social media, showing the world what I got – my business exploded. 

One day I said enough is enough. I was sick of crickets on my posts, 1 person on my livestreams, and flopped launches that lets be honest – I was scared to sell for more than 2 days. 

I got my shit together and decided it’s time to step up the game.

I showed up no apologies, and spoke my mind on social media

I owned what I know, and I wasn’t afraid to talk about it. 

I finally saw myself as the expert I am – and other people did too.

I created a program I was fully behind with my heart & soul, believing that this is MY moment, and I’m ready for more.

And low and behold, after years of hiding and trying to get my coaching business on its feet, everything blew the fuck up. 

My social media exploded, people were flooding into my DM’s, and my business skyrocketed faster than I could have ever imagined. 

2019 was a 100k year. In 2020 I made $160k. In 2021, my business crossed $200k in cash received. 

Since then, I’ve taught hundreds of women and counting how to ditch feast & famine, and go on to explode their own businesses to 6 figures and beyond. 

“Eva is the best coach I ever had – I went from 0 to 6 figures and bought my dream house!

“I’m a single, special needs mom of 3 AND a nurse, and I just had a $6k DAY. I finally found my authentic POWER.”

I found my fierce feminine voice and finally stopped people pleasing!”

“Eva gave me permission to unleash my REAL SELF, my audience and engagement exPloded, I’ve gone VIRAL repeatedly!

In 100k Revolution, I teach you how to build the kind of business that brings in money every month, on repeat, no matter what – and I make it simple, no bullshit, no fluff, just facts. 


Learn how to leverage your gifts to make money every month, on repeat, no matter what life throws at you. 

The 100k Revolution is a 12 week LIVE group program, for the woman who is ready to ditch the unpredictability in her business, and move on to consistent cash months, a clear strategy and sold out programs that she loves to deliver. 

This is for you if you desire to…

Know exactly what to do, to have money coming into your business every single month without a fault, no matter what is going on in your life. 

Rapidly grow your audience full of the right people, who share your content, refer their friends and look for your posts in their feed.

Stand out in a sea of coaches and become recognized in your industry thanks to an authentic, relatable message that creates instant connection and trust.

Watch your offers fly off the shelves without DMs, sales calls, pushing or prodding because your people can’t wait to buy from you

Launch your offers knowing exactly what steps to follow, and have unwavering confidence you’re going to fill all the spots. 

Finally enjoy your business, without the overwhelm, burnout and anxiety because you know how to create money with more ease and confidence than ever before.

Sounds like a fuck yes?

Module 1

nail your magnetic af MESSAGE

In this module we’re cracking the code to your positioning, your messaging and how people SEE you! We dive deep into who you are, what problem you solve, and what makes YOU and your process UNIQUE, so the right people know right away that you’re the ONE for THEM. 

Result: You stand out in a sea of coaches and become recognized in your industry thanks to an authentic, relatable message that creates instant connection and trust.

Module 2

GROW Your Audience with Authentic Content 

Learn how to get in front of new people, stop their scroll and blow your social media the fuck up from zero to thousands while inspiring, making and impact and being 100% authentic to who you are. 

Result: You know how to rapidly grow your audience full of the right people, who share your content, refer their friends and look for your posts in their feed.

Module 3 


In this module you’ll learn what makes a no brainer offer that people can’t say NO to. We will cover choosing which offers make sense for your business, pricing, structure, delivery and creating a product suite that caters to many different people in your audience for maximum sales + service! 

Result: You create offers that fly off the shelves, hit the spot for your people and are not only easy to sell – but also fun for you to deliver. 

Module 4

attracting the Right Clients with Magnetic AF Content Marketing

In this module, you’ll learn how to promote your programs on social media so people get excited, know they want IN and pull the trigger without sales calls, sending DMs or negotiating your price – because it gets to be that good. 

Result: You know exactly what to post & how to say the things that make your people MOVE on your offers, no questions asked. 

Module 5

simple sales strategies

This is where you’ll learn the simplest, most effective ways to sell out your offers that you can rinse and repeat whenever you want to make money. We’ll cover high ticket programs, group coaching and passive offers you can sell on auto pilot. 

Result: You go into your launches knowing exactly what you’re doing, how you’re selling, and what strategies you’re going to use, to fill all the spots. 

Module 6


How to figure out why your content is getting crickets, why your launch isn’t selling and what you need to fix, in order to get back on track, gain momentum and continue making money. We’ll also talk about holding the energy and mindset of “it’s working” so you don’t give up right around the corner of a massive success.

Result: You know where to look and what to tweak when you hit a roadblock in your business. Instead of giving up, you get right back on track and hit your goals. 

“I just started one of your programs…already making sales – $997 payment in my account, another $600 because my client upgraded, so fucking happy!!!”

“If I hadn’t done your course this new program wouldn’t have been up and I wouldn’t have $8K coming my way!”

“This shit works. For anyone who’s on the fence, we’ve had our best launch ever, and it’s still not done. If you haven’t signed up, do it now.”

“I am officially over what I made in ALL of 2019 AND still have time left in 2020 to double or triple that number. ALSO – I literally just got paid in full by a new client in my 1:1 program

“I’ve been making more & more money every single week and I have plans in place to scale the shit out of this! Thank you Eva!”

“100 peeps in my challenge organically. 1:1 signed PIF. 4 sign ups to my 3 day intensive that’s not officially launched. What she teaches is pure fucking magick…I have NEVER felt so aligned & excited about my business.”

“Not only have I launched and SOLD my course, just woke up to a 1:1 enquiry. Let her help you!

“I have booked TWO sessions and I just had someone reach out for a 3 month mentorship. NONE OF THESE WOMEN have EVER interacted with me. EVER. They’re coming out the woodwork!”

Today I made more in my business in ONE day than 2 weeks as a nurse. I’m coming for my $40k in 30 days. This shit works.

“I sold the HIGHEST package I’ve offered for a 30 day 1:1 WITHOUT reaching out to anyone. I’m so fucking proud of myself. 

“After my first course with Eva, I started getting PAID…literally, next thing I launched, I got money”

“I posted about an hour and a half ago and I already have a new client. Thanks for the keys to the Marketing Kingdom Eva!”

“This program will change your life and business! I went from barely making anything to consistent 4 figure months!

“My LIVE has 724 views! That is like unthinkable to me…the most was 60. 40 shares, friend requests, new followers, DM’s, comments – I’m getting ALL the action!”

“I signed up my 4th 1:1 client since starting work with Eva – for the first time I really feel on track!”

“Holy Fucking Shit. SALES. From people I’M SO FUCKING EXCITED TO WORK WITH. Do what Eva says.

“I sold 10 seats to my blow job workshop! I am so excited because I haven’t sold anything since the first week of January – this is a big fucking deal to me!”

“This course has put more shit together for me than the 3k I’ve spent on other programs – my business wouldn’t be what it’s becoming if I hadn’t decided to work with you


I want you to create a business that you’re fucking obsessed with, from A-Z, no settling ever again. 

I want you to show up on social media and KNOW people will engage, share and love on your content. 

I want you equipped with offers that make money on demand AND secure long term, recurring income so you never start a month from 0. 

I want you to feel clearer and more confident than ever before in what kind of marketing and sales tactics work for you. 

I want you to walk into your launches with your head held high, KNOWING your shit is going to sell. 

I want you to expect money in your bank account DAILY and make that your new normal. 

And finally – I want you to feel like no matter what, you can create cash flow, clients and consistent months in your business.

The upgrade kind of money, new car, new house, new closet kind of money – the money that gives you options, freedom and a feeling of safety, no matter fucking what. 

I’m Eva Kalvig, the NO BS business coach known for stirring and shaking the online coaching industry since 2019. I’m a special needs mom with ADHD, and despite all the hardships I’ve endured in my life, I’ve clocked in 36 consecutive 5 & multi 5 figure months.

Before coaching, I was an OBM, Project Manager and VA – I’ve learnt this business from the ground up, and built it during pregnancy, postpartum depression, anxiety out the nose and all kinds of shit going haywire. 

I’ve helped clients hit their first 10k month, first 5 figure launch, first 100k+ year and do it all while momming hard and juggling life – there isn’t a woman committed to this work, that I haven’t been able to help.

I’ve created a loyal audience filled with people who trust me and keep buying from me over and over again because what I teach gets RESULTS – the testimonials speak for themselves. 

My months start at $10k recurring income, and I’ve multiplied my money to over $200k a year even though I only work 3 days a week.

I have a driver, my son attends private preschool, private therapy and we live a life I never thought I could have. THIS is something I want to help YOU create.

Just a few years ago, I was scrambling to make $3k months as a service provider. Today, I can’t imagine making less than 10k, and less than a multi 5 figure launch.

I work around my ADHD, I work around motherhood, and I do the kind of work that makes me excited AS FUCK to deliver, with people whom I’d happily grab a cocktail with.

Things can change, and they can change fast, when you have the right tools and support in your corner. 

I want to give you the fast pass to a business that makes consistent cash without overwhelm, burnout, working around the clock or doing shit you don’t resonate with.

Your 6 Figure+ Business, Your Way. If you show up and do the work, you will see things shift quickly. Are you ready?

I filled up a membership – everybody said yes! and then i filled up a course – within hours!

I’ve spent a lot of money on coaching and noone has given me so much value like eva has


12 week LIVE group coaching program

1 Group Welcome Call where I walk you through getting the best results from this program and explain every module

6 LIVE training calls covering business strategy, marketing, sales & mindset foundations required to build a 6 figure business

6 LIVE coaching + Q&A calls where you can ask questions and get personalized feedback

12 weeks of daily access (Mon-Fri) to a private community with me and my team

Weekly homework and prompts to help you stay on track with the work

Lifetime access and updates to the entire program



🔥 A 2 hr detailed walk through on how to create a sales page that converts, section by section, using my best converting format as an example.

🔥 Facebook Famous, my best selling 6 module course on turning your FB into an ATM without ads – 5 figure months with your profile, no group required.

🔥 6 detailed trainings on how to sell + fill different offers via social media, covering high ticket 1:1, masterminds, group coaching, memberships, passive offers AND pre launching.

🔥 A detailed walk through one of my 5 figure launches, every piece of content, call to action, why it’s there, how it works, ALL the things I did to generate 10k in less than a week.





PIF BONUS: 60 min Map Your 6 Figure Business Strategy 1:1 Intensive with me





save a total of $500 off the regular payment plan!


1:1 VIP Upgrade (1 spot left)

You receive the LIVE 12 week program plus:

✅ Rolling Voxer chat Mon-Fri (I check in once a day)

✅ 2 x 60 min Voxer sessions / mo

✅ Custom advice + strategies around your 6 figure idea, message and brand through audience building, marketing + sales.

1:1 STARTS NOW! So you get extra time before the program begins to get ahead and map your shit + start making money!




save 1.5k when you pay in full




one payment up front, then 2 more monthly payments of 2500





100K Revolution is 12 weeks long, with 6 LIVE strategy calls and 6 LIVE Coaching calls, alternating week to week. You get lifetime access to the content, as well as lifetime upgrades. We kick off on July 11th.


When are the calls?

On Thursdays @ 3PM ET / 8pm UK. You will get all replays + recordings to keep for life, and a private community to ask questions + get feedback with me and my team present Monday-Friday.



There are no refunds on this program, and you are expected to honor the payment plan you commit to. My commitment is giving you all the strategies + support I KNOW will skyrocket your business and help you make 10k months your new reality. Trust yourself and make the decision that’s best for you and your business <3 



Both. This experience will help you uncover your next level of authenticity, alignment and fuck yes work, regardless of where you are in your business right now. If you’ve been feeling depleted, overwhelmed, confused about the next steps and ready to create bigger results without pushing harder, you’re in the right place. 


more questions?

Shoot me an email: hi@evakalvig.com 


Is this just for coaches?

No – I work with clients in a variety of industries, ranging from online service providers like OBMs, VAs and social media managers to photographers, psychics, tarot readers, mediums, healers, reiki practitioners, therapists, etsy shop owners,estheticians, writers, painters, nutritionists, dieticians, fitness instructors – to name a few. 


When will this program be available again?

Next year! If you know this is something you need, don’t wait! Get the support + strategies that can elevate your business to a whole new level in months, so you’re in a completely different place 12 months from now.


Do I need to have an audience / offer to enroll?

No. If you have an audience and you have offers you’re already selling – great. If you’re coming back after a break, pivoting, rebranding, starting a new venture – you can come into this clean slate and establish aligned foundations for an online presence and business that fills your heart and wallet. 


Can you guarantee specific results?

Every client is different, with different goals, circumstances and lifestyle. I’m fully confident that women who apply what I teach, show up consistently, and do the work can create magic.  

The testimonials I have included are shared by women who have experienced my programs, showed up consistently and made leaps & bounds in their businesses, however no 2 clients are the same, and no 2 people will get the same results.