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🙄Over hearing crickets when you post about your new program – why the fuck is no one commenting, messaging or even liking your shit?! The silence is making you question everything from your offer to your marketing to your abilities.

🙄Over selling ZERO spots and feeling like you’ve just been publicly rejected by the fucking internet. It’s high school all over again. You feel like nobody is ever going to buy from you and it’s terrifying.

🙄Over struggling to bring in the money every single fucking month because your launches keep flopping even though you’re working your ASS off, buying more programs and paying more coaches to teach you their “secrets” that frankly – don’t do SHIT for you.

🙄Over feeling like a fucking failure while you watch other coaches brag about yet another sold out launch and 5 figure month on social media. FUCK THAT SHIT. You’re starting to feel like you’re not cut out for this.

🙄Over trying 101 different things to make that fucking launch work so you can fill your program and seeing exactly ZERO results. And no – you’re not DMing people, you’re done scouring FB groups and getting on all those sales calls.

You’re over feeling scared to sell, over freaking out that you’ll end up BROKE, over feeling powerless, OVER NOT KNOWING HOW THE FUCK TO FILL YOUR PROGRAMS & you’re ready to FIX THIS.

Real Talk. When You’re NOT Making The Money…

REAL TALK. When you’re not making the money you DESIRE, or not making ANY money AT ALL IN YOUR BUSINESS and the outlook is a shit storm with a side of meltdown on the horizon, THE ONLY THING you mother.fucking.want is for THINGS TO SOMEHOW, MAGICALLY START MOVING.

For the GOD DAMN dolla bills to FLOW.


You’re SO OVER feeling anxious, checking your PayPal every damn second of every day.

I see you – checking your email, your DMs, checking every possible outlet to see if somebody, ANYBODY has reached out, responded, bought, paid, followed up, seen your post, seen that new program that you’re offering, or at least purchased that $19 eBook…


I know. I have been there. I DID ALL THE THINGS.

🙄I checked PayPal 6040032 times an hour.

🙄I checked my email 50302055 times a day.

🙄I checked my spam to see if MAYBE, just MAYBE someone’s message fell through there.

🙄FB filtered messages? Yep, checked there too.

🙄I got on multiple sales calls a week if I lost a client – to try and immediately make up for the income hit BECAUSE I COULDN’T AFFORD NOT TO.

🙄I spent hours talking to people I DID NOT want to work with. Just for the cash. It’s sad but true – and I know I’m not the only one who had to go through this.

🙄I scoured FB groups for clients, posted in promo Friday posts and a part of me died a little inside every single time I saw 100’s of other women who were fighting for those clients alongside me, discounting their rates and offering free sessions.

🙄I pretended like I gave two shits about “creating relationships” in other people’s groups, because I was so desperate to make enough money to pay for all the things

I had to pay my bills. I had to provide for my family – THAT was the truth.

I had no plan B, no OTHER family to lean back on, I was the breadwinner and MY business was THE PLAN.

The sheer pressure, anxiety and vision of not making the mortgage or paying the electricity bill were terrifying.

I was willing to swallow “what felt good” and did WHATEVER IT TOOK to sign those fucking clients.

I know there are women out there every single day, hustling their ASS OFF doing the same thing, praying to GOD that somehow, some way, they can get off this fucked up cycle one day.

Imagine what it would feel like to make consistent cash every single month without feeling so anxious and terrified that you won’t make ends meet.

Imagine what it would feel like to have a dependable strategy that allows you to make consistent cash without having to scour other people’s facebook groups for clients.

Imagine never again having to try your best to pretend like you’re “not selling” because they don’t allow promo, when you’re so desperate for money that it pisses you off to no end because how the fuck are you supposed to “build relationships” when you need that sale n-o-w?!

Imagine how freeing it would be to just launch your damn program and have the money coming in right away, and be able to rinse and repeat the process whenever you need the money, without worrying that people won’t buy – because they always do?

Imagine the comfort of knowing that you have the tools in your hands, to create cash every minute of every day, by putting together offers your people love + want to pay for. Knowing how to create programs that get sales, when you need the sales to come in?

Imagine never having to get on a sales call ever again, never having to send a DM, to follow up, to pray for someone to notice you, because your clients will pay you without any questions asked?

I know you’re thinking “wtf Eva, this is just fucking sales page jibber jabber”.


No dude, this is my life, and the life of multiple clients who I have taught a different way of doing things (and when you scroll down, you’ll see their raving testimonials, don’t have to take my word for it).

I used to do all the shitty things that felt as shitty as they sound. But that is NOT sustainable, it’s not how you make good money online, and it’s not what YOU want to be doing right? Right. So fucking listen to me.

You have what it takes to make great money in this space.

You’re talented, you’re determined, you wouldn’t be here if you didn’t HAVE “IT”.

You’d be back at a “job”, giving up right now. But you’re not. You’re looking for a way to make this fucking work.

You’re looking for a way to make this easier, to hit those $10k months consistently without sacrificing your soul in the process.

Without the mad hustle, and without feeling like you’re spinning in a circle chasing your damn tail.

THE way = a strategy that helps you create programs that solve top of mind problems for your people – problems they want solutions for RIGHT NOW.

THE way = marketing that stops their scroll and has them paying attention because you’re speaking THEIR language.

THE way = sales tactics that help them understand your solution is THE answer they’ve been praying for.

THE way = you getting the fucking help + support to figure this out, instead of trying to piece it together on your own. Ok?

This is why I created the So(u)ld Out Launch System.

A program that teaches you EVERYTHING I do to generate 6 figures in my business.

No holds barred.

No shitty strategies.

So you can stop this fucked up cycle and start making consistent money RIGHT NOW.


The So(u)ld Out Launch System is the A-Z formula to selling your shit on social media. It’s everything that I do to generate 6 figures in my online business.

This course takes you through a simple, step by step framework behind creating a program people WANT to buy, marketing it effectively using social media marketing so you attract the RIGHT clients to your offer AND selling it out with simple sales tactics that remain aligned to YOUR values.

It covers BOTH the strategy AND the mindset tools you need to sell out your launches over and over again without the mindfuck, the overwhelm or the struggle to make consistent sales.

If you want to get super fucking clear on:

✅How to create a FULL BODY FUCK YES program that you’re wildly obsessed with, the kind your people are all over as soon as you post it on social media

✅How to keep coming up with exciting, marketable offers so that you never run out of things to sell

✅How to attract the right people to your offers with social media content that gets massive engagement and creates buzz around what you’re selling

✅How to talk about your program on social media so the right people want IN right away, no sales calls, dm’s or follow ups needed.

✅How to sell with unshakable confidence and create sales content that has your people pulling the trigger on your offers no questions asked.

The So(u)ld Out Launch System covers ALL your bases when it comes to selling out your next launch and every launch that comes after.

You’ll receive ALL the tools and guidance you need to take the mindfuck out of launching once and for GOOD.


🙄You NEVER  know how much money you’re going to make any given month, it’s all a very stressful guessing game and you’re always anxious about your finances

🙄 You’re hustling in other people’s FB groups, trying to bend the no promo rules, pretending you’re not selling when you’re actually dying to get a sale, crossing your fingers someone reaches out when they see your post

🙄You’re getting on countless sales calls with people you don’t want to work with, overcoming all the objections, promising things you won’t be able to deliver on, just to make a buck

🙄You’re discounting your shit, adding a slew of bonuses, handing out free sessions like candy, hoping and praying some bitch will have mercy and buy your package, feeling resentful AF because you know you’re better than that

🙄You’re getting crickets when you post about your new program or offer, the people who reach out end up having no money or ghosting you, and you barely get any sign ups even when you work your ass off

🙄You’re growing more desperate to make the sales every month, starting to question whether you’re even cut out of this, it’s affecting your life at home, your relationships, your health and you’re fucking OVER IT. You’ve been fighting with your partner, you’re snapping at your kids, you can’t sleep at night and all you’re thinking about is MONEY.


❤️You KNOW you’re going to make money this month, and next month, and the month after because you have reliable tools and strategies that you know WORK and bring the money IN

❤️You don’t need to hustle in other people’s FB groups because you know to build + leverage your OWN audience of people who want to buy from YOU

❤️You DO NOT need to get on sales calls, send DMs or follow up with bitches because you’ve mastered the art of social media marketing and your people come to YOU, and pay for your programs no questions asked.

❤️You don’t need to discount your shit or drown your offers in bonuses, because you know how to create programs that your people are all over the moment you post them on your social media feeds

❤️You get massive interest in your offers when you launch because you know how to market them effectively and how to sell on social with massive confidence that has your people pulling the trigger – you’re no longer the girl that feels like she has to beg for the sale. The sales come in every single month with EASE.

❤️You KNOW you’re going to make money every month. You know that when you launch – money comes IN. You know that your people will buy your shit. You know that your programs are GREAT. You no longer freak the fuck out about money because you finally understand how to make consistent cash and it feels fucking GOOD.


2 part pre work training

Start diving into your FUCK YES, sould out program right away and figuring out what the fuck you WANT to sell + mapping out the details from A-Z with my guidance around both strategy AND mindset so you get off to a strong start!

We go over:

?How to stop following the shoulds and finally launch THE program you’re wildly obsessed with. Learn how to trust your gut, follow your fucking WANTS and create shit that feels aligned, exciting and EASY to sell.

?How to set the container for your new program that feels like  A FUCK YES. You’ll start to get clear on the duration, modules, method, delivery and what your role in delivering the goods looks like.

Attracting The Right People To Your Offers VIDEO TRAINING + WORKBOOK

This is where you’ll learn how to use marketing in order to create buzz around your offers and get the right people to pay attention + decide your program is a FUCK YES for them.

We go over: 

?How to use clear, powerful messaging to position your program, so the right people decide it’s FOR THEM right away. No more vague, confusing marketing that leaves your people wondering what it is that you’re actually selling.

?How to write social media posts that grab attention, overcome objections & make it clear to your ideal client that what you’re selling is what they need – without getting on a single sales call or sending a single DM.

?How to use emotional marketing that makes your people scream “she’s in my head! this is ME!” and have them reaching for their wallets because you’re speaking to their soul and they instantly know YOU are the coach for THEM.

The Launch Tech Lab

>>> includes 7 quick and simple video trainings that walk you through setting up payments, email marketing, creating graphics and recording your program video trainings, no more getting stuck on tech shit!

How To Create a CTA That Has People Pulling The Trigger

>>> How to create a Call To Action for your social media posts that has people clicking on your payment links. Step by step walk through, showing you ALL the ingredients that make an effective CTA, with examples.


>>> a marketing strategy training on blowing your FB group the fuck up by strategically using your profile & simple, affordable ADS, so you can get more eyes on your offer & supercharge your launch.


Creating Your Fuck Yes Program VIDEO TRAINING + WORKBOOK

Learn how to create, structure and position programs that you LOVE to deliver AND YOUR people WANT to BUY NOW for a win-win, cash in the door scenario.  

We go over: 

?How to come up with a program idea that’s going to SELL like hot cakes

?How to structure your program without all the confusion and hours upon hours of work

?How to deliver your program in alignment with how YOU work best 

?How to decide on pricing and bonuses without sacrificing your boundaries

Launching & Selling Out Your Offers On Social Media VIDEO TRAINING + WORKBOOK

How to sell your shit with fierce confidence and get the money rolling in pronto – this unit is all about you creating a social media sales strategy that feels ALIGNED and FUCKING WORKS .

We go over: 

?The A-Z behing successfully selling your shit on social media – what works, what doesn’t, how your people buy + how to leverage the power of social media posting to GET THE SALE.

?The types of social media posts that I’ve personally used to make thousands of dollars in my business ,broken down for you step nby step –  including my best performing examples.

?My recommended social media sales schedule for when you’re launching that brings in sales every fucking day. 

?How to create FB lives that get attention, people attending and that make you more SALES.


How To Create A Sales Page That Makes Sales

>>>A detailed screenshare training showing you how to create a simple + effective sales page that makes people click the BUY NOW button – based on my most successful sales page format to date.

My Monthly Launch Planner + Launch TO DO List

>>> A simple tool that will help you get organized & GET PAID – this is how I plan ALL of my launches down to the very last detail. Includes a video walking you through how to use it effectively for your own business.

Growing Your Audience with FB 2 PART VIDEO TRAINING + WORKBOOK

>>> A 2 part training that walks you through growing your audience with FB using your profile, to gain quick exposure and visibility, without DMs or shitty tactics, even if you’re starting from scratch to get more eyes on your programs & better sales for your launch. 






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