So many of us walk through life with absolute certainty that either extreme circumstances, massive changes or even Acts of God are required to create a reality even remotely different than the one we already know.

Let alone one that we dream of living.

That you need to have endless resources, bandwidth, time, space, and the energy of a sugar rushed toddler to make “it” happen.

To live the life of dreams. To eat, earn, pray and love like they do on the flashiest of highlight reels.

This couldn’t be further from the truth.

Because all of this time, you’ve had direct access to the big red button. The one that sets into motion a sequence of events that can change the trajectory of your entire world.

You just never saw it.

You didn’t know, you were never told.

You chose a different button – or none at all.⠀


Well, what if it wasn’t?

What if…you could rewrite the story of your life?

What if you could get down to the bottom of what stands in the way of you and a different story?

Are you ready to meet the real you, below the surface of it all, and uncover the journeys she could walk instead?

The answers await on the other side of the..