Raise The Bar: Turn Your Business into a High End Cash Engine (with $10k+ in recurring monthly income)

In the context of this masterclass, high end is not just a price point. It’s a standard that you hold. It’s the expectations you set in your business. It’s about boundaries. It’s about holding yourself in high regard. Being nobody’s bitch. And finally giving yourself the respect and recognition you deserve. This conversation will change your life. Happening LIVE between May 10-12th. Yes, there will be a replay.

Refine your offers so they appeal to high end clients who don’t expect hand holding and get BIG results with your guidance.

Upgrade your message to attract big players actively looking to invest into long term mentorship 

The type of clients that help your business grow vs. those that drag it down, deplete your energy and capacity

Behaviors, boundaries and thought patterns that helped me hit $20k+ months with a snap of a finger 

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