You have a shit ton of anxiety around money, especially when unexpected expenses come up. You feel like you have zero control over how much money comes into your business + when + where from. You wish you could pull cash out of thin air but you have NO IDEA how.

You tried launching programs to generate fast income but they always seem to fall flat before they begin. You get so overwhelmed with HOW to create a program that people want to buy NOW + HOW to launch it successfully. You end up procrastinating & working on your website for another week instead.

Even when you do launch AN OFFER TO TRY AND MAKE SOME QUICK MONEY, IT NEVER GETS the traction you’d hoped for and you have launch PTSD. You’re done putting yourself out there to the tune of crickets & you’re so over requests for extended payment plans on $97 offers. You don’t know what the fuck you’re doing wrong, why the bitches aren’t buying and HOW to change it so your shit sells.

Despite all your efforts to generate some quick cash, you always end up back at square one – desperately seeking 1:1 clients or one off projects to stay afloat and you’re frustrated AF. You feel like there’s no way you could make fast cash on demand like so many bitches in this space do.

The worst clusterfuck of all the clusterfucks – knowing you need to make money, and you need to fucking make it NOW, while also knowing that it’s close to IMFUCKINGPOSSIBLE for that to happen fast enough.

👉Maybe it feels like no matter how much money you make, there’s never enough to cover all the shit you need to and want to buy.

👉Maybe your ex is an asshole and he’s late on child support, fucking again.

👉Maybe you just found out your child is sick, and you know you’ll be spending an arm and a leg on doctor appointments, medications and other unforeseen expenses that ALWAYS come out of the woodwork when our littles get sick.

👉Maybe the God damn washing machine broke, your kid needs braces, your husband got laid off unexpectedly, you got a HUGE electricity bill or your car needs fixing and it’s gonna cost ya.

You are so fucking tired of that sinking feeling in the pit of your stomach, when you find out that you’re about to spend a fuckton of cash you don’t have, because life fucking happens and reality has come to collect.

Yet your business is like a motherfucking sloth, at best.

Making fast cash when you need fast cash is so close to impossible that calling this fuckery a business seems far fetched at times.

Instead of it being the source of financial security, your business is the biggest source of money anxiety in your home way too often.

And you’re so fucking done.

❌DONE always worrying whether you’re going to have enough when shit goes down.

❌DONE being asked when you’re gonna get a real job when things get stressful.

❌Done being told that you can’t make another investment because you’re not earning enough money.

❌Done fucking ASKING for permission to spend money, invest money, to make decisions about money.

❌Done having the bank on speed dial because you’re either late with payments – again, OR because you need a loan. Again.

This is not why you started a business in the first place.

It was meant to be easy, easier at fucking least.

It sure doesn’t feel that way.

It feels like pushing a turd up a hill way too often.

If this sounds all too familiar, please know that turning that shit around IS possible, and it also does NOT have to take months on top of months to happen. I KNOW time is an issue here.

Your business can do a 180 faster than you can say fuck.

You can be in a totally different place 30 days from now.

Just because it’s raining on you right now, doesn’t mean you’re not gonna make it fucking rain sister – mark.my.words.

What if you could pull money out of thin air? (i see you rolling your eyes girl?hear me out though! )

Sounds like I’m being delirious? Just go with me here. 

What if you could make money whenever the fuck you wanted to, whenever you needed to, on demand, at the snap of a finger, whenever you decided?

Imagine being able to put out a program and get the sales rolling in right away, with the money hitting your bank account immediately.

How would it feel like to KNOW that the money’s available to you around the clock, and as soon as you decide you need a cash injection, you know exactly what to do to make it happen.

To be sure that you can create cash in your business FAST, and you really CAN rely on YOURSELF and strategies that WORK – every.single.time.

How would it feel to never have to worry about making enough, having enough, not making the bills, the mortgage or paying off your credit cards?

Wouldn’t you love to forget that sinking feeling in the pit of your stomach when sudden expenses drop into your lap like a ticking bomb, because you know that you can make money whenever the hell you want to and you always, ALWAYS have enough?

Listen to me girl and listen good. Business is MEANT TO FINANCIALLY SUPPORT YOUR ASS. 

That’s the whole motherfucking point of having one. 

You didn’t start your business to ride the struggle bus. You started it to get OFF that damn ride. 

And I’m convinced that you’re just a couple of strategies away, a few tweaks and shifts from creating quick cash injections in your business like you never thought possible. 

I see it everyday – and I’ve worked with hundreds of women who felt like there’s NO WAY.

Until they realize that actually – there is a fucking way that they haven’t seen before, haven’t thought of before, it didn’t cross their mind before, a way that “sparkle glitter shine” coach hasn’t taught them before but once it became apparent – they started to make money like it was a GIVEN. Just check my testimonials down the page, they speak for themselves. 

I know what it’s like to hustle, struggle, scrimp, save, deny yourself that thing you really want because MONEY is always the motherfucking issue. I know what it’s like to wonder whether you’ll make it until the end of the month. I KNOW. I fucking know girl.





You can turn it around, you can create financial stability, you can create a business that generates fast cash on demand, whenever the fuck you need the fast cash. Here, let me show you.

Like this ?

Ready to drop the struggle and fucking do the thing?

What I’m about to teach you is a simple and effective AF strategy that has helped me and almost 100 other women create money on demand in their business – and it fucking works. 



MONEY ON DEMAND BOOTCAMP is a self study, in depth AF crash course that will help you Create, Market + Sell “EASY YES”, no brainer offers that will generate fast cash in your business whenever you fucking need it.

✅You’ll learn the step by step process behind crafting highly desirable, “fuck yes” offers that are easy and quick to sell.

✅You’ll learn how to market your fast cash offers effectively using social media in order to attract the right, ready to pay clients – even if you have a relatively new, relatively cold audience.

✅We’ll go over the exact sales strategy blueprint for generating fast cash injections into your business – you’ll learn how to sell your fast cash offers using your social media only – no calls, no DMs, no BS.

Money on Demand is for you if you want to:

✅Create EASY YES, no brainer programs that you can whip out of your back pocket whenever you need cash in the door YESTERDAY.

✅Market & position your no brainer offers to attract the right clients who will pull the trigger FAST, even if you have a relatively new, relatively cold audience.

✅Learn a simple, foolproof sales strategy that you can rinse + repeat anytime you need a fast cash injection. No more guessing your way through selling on social media.

✅Drop the sales calls, DMs and follow ups and want to learn how to leverage the power of social media content in order to make sales in your business.

✅Make your first step towards leveraging the 1:many business model. Especially if you’re sick n’ tired of riding the 1:1 train and you’re dying to add another income stream to your business.

✅Learn how to create fast cash injections in your business, whenever you need it, whenever you want to, on demand – so you never feel anxious about not having enough money ever again.


👉You have a shit ton of anxiety around money, especially when unexpected expenses come up. You feel like you have zero control over how much money comes into your business + when + where from.

👉You wish you could pull cash out of thin air but you have NO IDEA how. You lay awake at night trying to figure out how to sell your shit quickly but you get so overwhelmed you end up deciding it’s not possible for someone like YOU.

👉You jump from strategy to strategy hoping the next one is going to be THE ONE that works and helps you bring in money quickly but you end up disappointed and resentful AGAIN

👉You regretfully get on a million sales calls and send 100’s of DMs in the hopes that someone will buy your offer and pay you on time while your stomach is in knots because you need the money to come in NOW. You’re relying on one client to save your ass and it SUCKS EXTRA HARD. 

👉You spiral into people pleasing, discounting and tending to people’s needs hand and foot because you’re afraid that if you don’t – you won’t get paid, and money is something you CANNOT afford to lose right now. Every dollar counts. You’re so fucking over it and you don’t know how to break the cycle. 

👉You have to resort to credit card payments, loans, late payments or refusing yourself the things you need or want because money is always an issue

👉You never seem to make enough to cover the shit you need AND want and it’s making you angry, anxious and frustrated to the point of feeling physically sick sometimes. You’re done. You’re OVER IT.


✅You know that you can put an offer out on social media and create a quick cash injection into your business whenever the fuck you need the money.

✅You have so much more confidence in your ability to generate money FAST because you finally have the tools that you know fucking WORK every single time.

✅Money anxiety no longer keeps you up at night. You know that you’ll make the money when you need the money – even if unexpected expenses keep popping up, you KNOW you can handle it and that you’ll be OK.

✅You no longer need to get on all the sales calls, you no longer have to resort to DMing people, you no longer waste time following up and chasing clients. People come to YOU to buy your shit.

✅Sales roll into your inbox when you’re sleeping. You wake up to money in your account. Your marketing + sales strategy WORKS, even when you’re not working.

✅You don’t have to keep putting things on your credit card. You don’t have to keep choosing between paying for necessities or splurging on an online shopping spree, a new phone or a fancy dinner.

✅Your quality of life has improved. You’re finally paying off some debt. You’re finally SAVING some money and feeling more secure about your finances. You’re upgrading your home. You’re buying better food. You’re no longer scrimping and saving. 

✅You’re no longer people pleasing to get paid – and it’s the best fucking feeling in the whole world.


3 In Depth Core Strategy Trainings

3 core strategy trainings where I will walk you through the exact, step by step process of creating, marketing and selling your no brainer offer.

You’ll get the HOW behind my process, examples and answers to your most burning questions around creating fast cash offers, creating interest around your offers and getting quick sales on social media.

Training Number 1 - Creating a Highly Desirable "Cash Injection" Offer

In this training, we dive into the HOW behind creating a highly desirable, “EASY YES”, no brainer offer that’s easy for your people to buy, even if they just found you on social media.

We go over:

✅How to pick a marketable, easy to sell concept for your fast cash offer – you’ll learn how to create irresistible cash injection offers that solve the exact problems your people need help with.

✅How to pick the perfect container for your fast cash offer – the modules, the length, the amount of access to you, the topics – you’ll learn how to create offers that are a no brainer for your people and exciting for YOU to sell + deliver.

✅How to price your offer & pick the bonuses – we’ll go over the exact process I use to decide on pricing and how I strategically use bonuses to get more sales + more paid in FULL sales!

Training Number 2 -Attracting Ready To Buy Clients Using Savvy Social Media Marketing

In this training, we dive into the HOW behind attracting the right clients to your fast cash offer – you’ll understand how to use your words to generate interest, excitement & the desire to buy.

We go over:

✅How to nail the messaging for your fast cash offer so the right people decide it’s EXACTLY WHAT THEY’VE BEEN LOOKING FOR right away – no more vague, confusing marketing that leaves your people wondering what it is you’re actually selling.

✅How to use emotional marketing that makes your people scream “She’s in my head! This is ME!” and has them reaching for their wallets because you’re speaking to their soul and they instantly know your offer is a NO BRAINER and YOU are the coach they’ve been looking for!

✅How to write social media posts that grab attention, overcome objections & remove any doubt in people’s mind that THEY NEED THIS OFFER, even if they’re new to your world – without getting on a single sales call or sending a single DM.


Training Number 3 -The Exact Sales Strategy Blueprint For Generating Fast Cash Injections Into Your Business

In this training, we dive into the HOW behind selling your fast cash offer using social media – what to post, what to say, how to create calls to action using posts + live video, WITHOUT the need to get on sales calls or into people’s inboxes.

We go over:

✅How to write sales posts that GET THE SALE – what to say + how to say it so your people pull the trigger, no questions asked, including writing CTA’s that have people clicking on that BUY NOW button.

✅3 key sales tactics that generate fast cash injections in your business, that you CANNOT FORGET TO USE if you want to make QUICK CASH – and they work every single time.

✅The exact launch schedule to sell your fast cash offer aka how often to post, go live and send emails to your list. You’ll get the exact blueprint to launching your no brainer offer that I’ve used to generate tens of thousands of $ in my business.


A 2 part training that walks you through growing your audience with FB using your profile, to gain quick exposure and visibility, without DMs or shitty tactics, even if you’re starting from scratch to get more eyes on your fast cash programs & better sales for your launches.

✅Part 1 focuses on strategy – the exact HOW TO behind expanding your reach, getting more eyes + engagement on your content from the right people, without having to resort to shitty tactics. We’re focusing on mastering social media content + understanding how the algorithm works.

✅Part 2 is a screenshare showing you exactly how I’ve built my own Facebook audience starting from scratch, as I walk you through my own profile, the posts that have worked, haven’t worked, the mistakes I’ve made and the stuff that has propelled me forward – including strategy AND mindset shifts.

🚨Bonus Strategy Trainings🚨

🚨BONUS TRAINING 1 – 5 Simple + Fun Offers You Can Launch NOW to Create FAST CASH

I’ll walk you through 5 offers that you can launch NOW to create fast cash. You’ll get the step by step breakdown, including my recommendations for the structure, promo, pricing, what to include, how to run the program, ALL OF IT. 

We’ll cover a LIVE Bootcamp, a LIVE Workshop, a Self Study Mini Course, a LIVE or Passive Challenge and a Mini Mastermind. I’ll also give you examples of simple 1:1 Intensives that you can use to create a fast cash injection into your business. You’ll get all the details you need to literally take one of these offers and run with it IMMEDIATELY – just put your own spin on it!


🚨BONUS TRAINING 2 – Get clear on your NICHE aka WHAT YOU DO

This is where your conception and understanding of what a “niche” is will be torn to shreds. Because I don’t believe in the traditional approach to niche. I believe you can be multifaceted AND super fucking focused at the same time.

This training will teach you how to define your niche without compromising your many talents OR restricting what you can & can’t do in your business. It will help you get fucking clear on your niche AND your “I help” statement, in under 30 minutes.


🚨BONUS TRAINING 3 – The reason why people aren’t buying your shit

Troubleshooting your launch – understand why your shit ain’t selling, what you’re doing wrong and how to fix it using quick + simple marketing and sales strategy shifts.

We’ll talk about the most common reasons why launches don’t sell and what you can do about it to turn shit around, make the money and come out on top. We’ll also cover mindset so you don’t go into panic mode and think in terms of taking ACTION instead.


🚨BONUS TRAINING 4 – Getting out of the feast & famine cycle

Stuck in the feast & famine fuckery? This training is for you. We talk about HOW most coaches get into the cycle in the first place, and how you can get the fuck out FAST.

We’ll explore the quickest way you can establish a stable, consistent and sustainable income with your online business so you don’t have to ride the crazy up and down rollercoaster ever again.

Downloadable Resources + Forever Access to The Program

Every CORE strategy training comes with strategy notes that you get for keeps so you can follow along with the videos.

✅You get forever access to ALL the materials included in the program.

✅You’ll get my launch planning worksheet so you can map out your own programs and get clear on money + enrollment goals

✅You’ll get links to all my training strategy notes for keeps – if you prefer visual learning or need it to supplement video trainings.




For the next 24 hrs, Money on Demand Bootcamp is on FLASH SALE! 

Get IN for a ONCE A YEAR price and get INSTANT ACCESS to the course that will help you create FAST CASH INJECTIONS in your business just in time for Christmas!

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For the next 24 hrs, Money on Demand Bootcamp is on FLASH SALE! 

Get IN for a ONCE A YEAR price and get INSTANT ACCESS to the course that will help you create FAST CASH INJECTIONS in your business just in time for Christmas!

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