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Create Offers that People Want to Buy NOW.

No more churning out program after program, twisting yourself into a pretzel thinking of ways to “get more people to buy”, hoping you’ll land on “the thing” that will finally skyrocket your income.

In this free live series, I’m breaking down the framework that me and 200+ women have used since 2019, to create fast cash with offers that always sell – because they’re so damn good people can’t say no.

What to expect?

No fluff, just facts:

Day 1: How to pick & package your offer idea so people want to BUY NOW

I know you’re multipassionate, and you’ve probably created a dozen or more courses, workshops, masterclasses and digital products.

I’ll let you in on my simple framework for picking + packaging offer ideas that create next level cash so you can lock in instant and recurring payments in your business every month.

Day 2: Marketing that activates cash-in-hand buyers in your audience

If you don’t want to get on sales calls, have overdrawn conversations in the DMs, and you want to leverage the power of content to fill your offers – this training is a must attend! 

I’ll walk you through the only marketing strategy I use to consistently fill my offers with ideal clients FAST. 


Who is it for?

This is a Must Attend if…


You want to create + launch no brainer offers without hesitation. You have tons of ideas but when it comes to execution, you tend to overcomplicate things, get in your head and sabotage your results. 


You’ve been selling 101 things, launching around the clock, exhausted by the hustle. You want to create a “no brainer” offer that generates easy sales + recurring income you can fall back on.


You want to create fast cash injections whenever you desire – access limitless money on tap, so you never have to worry about unexpected expenses derailing your family budget.

prizes for the live attendees!

Join me live, & enter to win a FREE course!

I’ll be giving away multiple prizes during this event – join me live for a chance to win one of my courses – you pick which one! ($497 value).

Hi, my name is Eva

I’ll be teaching you how to make Money on Demand.

Making money has been so over complicated in the online space. They say you need the right energy, happy thoughts, fancy funnels.

Reels, shorts, stories, emails, pretty graphics and snappy posts.

Meanwhile all you want is just to know that  more money is always coming, without all the trinkets. 

Every month, everytime you launch, everytime you sell in your post. Everytime you pitch in your stories, or send a link in the DMs.

You just want reassurance that you have the ability to make money on demand, no matter what life brings. 

No matter what happens, no matter how you feel – you want to make money, and lots of it, without a fail. 

And truth be told, you can.

Even on a bad day, when the kids are home sick, and you feel like crap. You can still watch as payments roll into your account. 

You don’t even need any magic, manifestation, or a crystal.

Sign up to this masterclass, join me LIVE, and I’ll share what you need to do next, to create, market + sell your “Money on Demand” offer.

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