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The strategy, content + energetic shifts that make them BUY NOW.

You want your offers to sell whenever you launch. Except every time the sales don’t come in right away, you spiral. This workshop gives you the missing pieces you need to stop spiraling, and start selling out. In any mood, on any day, good or bad.

My exact launch planning process – how I plan my launches to hit multi 5 figures. W talk pricing, bonuses, content, social media promo, the whole package.

How I use free masterclasses to get more sales in my launch. How I choose topics that get hundreds of people signed up and ready to buy – no ads!

How I manage my mindset sh*t during a launch and get up to 10x sales on cart close. Everything you need to know about launch energetics to make more money, even on the worst day.

My secret sales boosting strategies that I only share with private clients: how I use testimonials, IG stories, and story marketing to get people off the fence and into my programs!

The Schedule


More sign ups, more engagement,more sales.

I will show you how to leverage a free masterclass event to skyrocket your launch sales. Without complicated strategies, funnels, or ads.

I will share what I do to get hundreds of people signed up and excited to show up live. 

I’ll reveal marketing strategies I use to attract people ready + excited to buy from me NOW. 

I’ll break down how I sell on social media, to fill my programs with the best clients. 

Get simple strategies I have used to hit $25k, $30k and $50k launches with a 4yo in tow!



Mastering launch energetics.

You’ll learn how to navigate the energetic flow of a launch and maximize your sales while keeping your sanity. 

There are 3 energetic stages during most launches, and one of them is where most women give up.

During this training, I’ll walk you through navigating the energetics and mindset of a launch, how to keep your vibe BIG, steady and grounded right until cart close, so you can bring home triple the sales.

Bank BIG on your launches even if your kids are sick, you’re on your period, and life is throwing you lemons.


This is for you if:

Your audience is engaged but they're not buying in droves.

You have a banging audience. Your people respond to your posts. You get comments, likes and traction on most of your content.

But when you start to promote, your people go quiet. You know that with your audience, you should be getting a LOT more sales!

Your launch sales are inconsistent and it's stressful af!

You’ve done some bigger and smaller launches but you can’t find YOUR way of selling that feels good.

You want a simple, easy launch strategy that puts money in the bank. EVERY MONTH.


If sales don’t come in as soon as you launch, you start to spiral. You doubt your price, program and your posts. You want to run and hide. You fear that you’ll never make money again.

The launching rollercoaster is so intense, it makes you feel crazy and it sabotages your sales.

The Details:

Date: January 25th + 26th (it doesn’t matter whether you watch live or on replay, the value of this training remains the same;)

Access: You get LIVE access to both days of the workshop, in a private community.

You also get lifetime access to the replay + all materials that will be included.

What happens when you enroll: you will get a confirmation of payment, and a welcome email will hit your inbox within about 15 mins max. Inside the email, you will get a link to join the private community.  Everyone will be let in on the day of the Workshop. If you have any problems or questions, please email us at support@evakalvig.com. The contents of the workshop will also be housed inside my online course school, which you will also get access to.

Client launch success stories:

I purchased your bootcamp less than 24hrs ago, wrote an Instagram post and made a sale. Then I saw the first 15 mins of The Reason WHY People Aren’t Buying Your Shit Training, decided to go live with all my energy, and made another sale to a cold client right after I finished. I am so grateful! Let’s see what else happens. Thank you Love! Your work is my answered prayer.”


I sold 10 seats to my blow job workshop! I haven’t sold anything since the first week of January – this is a big fucking deal to me!


I just started one of your programs…already making sales – $997 payment in my account, another $600 because my client upgraded, so fucking happy!!!


After my first course with Eva, I started getting PAID…literally, next thing I launched, I got money


If I hadn’t done your course I wouldn’t have $8K coming my way!


“Just from the first module alone in Money on Demand it has changed everything for me. I just needed to make small little tweaks for everything to go boom and now the money is raining!!!! I had 2 spots sold last week so it’s all happened in the last 48 hours!!!”


Today I made more in my business in ONE day than 2 weeks as a nurse. I’m coming for my $40k in 30 days. This shit works.


Completed Money on Demand – SOLD 3/9 spots of my retreat in the first COUPLE OF HRS!


100 peeps in my challenge organically. 1:1 signed PIF. 4 sign ups to my 3 day intensive that’s not officially launched. What she teaches is pure fucking magick…I have NEVER felt so aligned & excited about my business.


This shit works. For anyone who’s on the fence, we’ve had our best launch ever, and it’s still not done. If you haven’t signed up, do it now.




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