TURN THE FUCKING DIAL UP ON YOU (and everyone buys everything 10x)

You are a big fucking deal.

You know you’re a genius at what you do. 

You’ve got multiple clients who rave about you

Every time you put out an offer, you get sales.

People love your content.

You’ve got followers in your DMs almost daily, gushing over your posts and stories.

Replies to your emails thanking you for writing them.

Your bank account is looking better than ever.

You’re finally in a place where you know that you can make money out of thin air. 

AND…you know this is barely scratching the surface of what you’re capable of. You could be making 2-3x the money you are today with the audience and engagement you have now. But your numbers aren’t budging for some reason, and you’re NOT ok with that.

You’ve got millions on the brain, but the way you’re doing business now feels like you’re operating from an old, expired version of you.

You’re still working with clients who you have long outgrown because you CAN help them, not because you’re actually EXCITED TO.

You’re still running programs that touch on things you can no longer relate to. They’re light years behind what you’re moving through in your business NOW, and showing up for them feels like a chore.

You’re bored with your work and the same questions your clients keep asking.

Every day feels like you’re living in an old version of yourself that no longer feels like who you are NOW.

You’re still writing the same content, doing the same stories, and you have a feeling things need to shift your messaging to attract the clients you’re meant for NOW (you’re right, they do;)

Because you’re looking at the views on your stories, and the engagement on your posts, and the math is not mathing. You should be attracting way more people to your offers. And more of them should be going ALL IN on those longer-term containers. 

You’re not ok with charging the same rates OR giving discounts, just so they buy.  Your current prices are making it difficult to hit the milestones YOU KNOW you’re so close to hitting. You’re ready to move on.

YOU KNOW you want me to be your mentor through this shift. Because you know that with me in your ear in 2024, THIS is where your business is going 👇

Higher prices, less access, content that make bitches clutch their pearls, next-level audacity in every area of your business.

PURE expression of what you really want and how you want to do it. 

Making your close proximity spaces even more exclusive and raising your rates to match where you’re going. 

Opening your group programs to a much bigger audience, with much less hands-on work for you

Leveraging more passive courses, stacking recurring payments and seeing more sales come in daily.

Feeling like the ONLY girl in the world for your clients 😏

Whatever you sell, they buy.

You raise the price? They buy. 

You decrease access to you? They still buy. 

Container ends? They re-sign. At the new, higher rate.

They always buy because you’ve turned up the mfking dial on YOU, and they don’t even care what TF you’re offering (or read the sales page). 

High ticket, low ticket, mid ticket, and any other shit you decide to sell, sells out

Every offer feels fun and easy to lead, and clients are enrolling like crazy. 

Boundaries are set, power is maintained, and they’re grateful for how you lead. 

You do not feel overwhelmed even if you get hundreds in a program. 

You delegate, calm tf down about responding to everyone all at once, and put yourself first before anything else. Spoiler: the world doesn’t end. You make more moolah as it keeps turning 😉 

You’re working with top coaches in your industry, NOT as their client, but as their MENTOR. 

You become the version of you that makes life-changing money feel easy because you’re making it however tf you want to. 

Cub to LIONESS energy.

For everyone in your audience to see and feel. 

Are you celebrating yet?

Because I am. 

The coaching space is about to see a bitch blow tf up like Etna. 

Ready to turn on BEAST MODE? 

Let’s f*cking go. 

It took me 30 days to go from $10-20k months to consistent $30k/mo and $20k recurring. I signed a dream 100k client and started 2024 with a $46k month. Here’s how👇

When I hit 6 figures in my business, I got “stuck” there for 4 years. I went up and down between 100k and $199k, trying every new strategy in the book, but my numbers weren’t budging.

My programs were bomb.
My clients? Raving.
My audience? Engaged AND loyal AF.

I was convinced that my audience was too small, I didn’t have any high-level clients watching me, and I had to change my entire business to grow to the next level. 

But that was not it.

I wasn’t speaking to my dream client in my content. My offers didn’t match what they were shopping for, nor did my prices. 

So many people were clapping for me, but they weren’t buying.

I wasn’t owning what I’m the best at and translating it to specific offers that captured MY GENIUS. 

My content wasn’t as activating as I thought – it was inspiring and interesting, but it wasn’t getting ALL the people to whip out their credit cards to hire me NOW. 


I have a total of 3k followers on Facebook and Instagram. Just over 1.4k subscribers on my list. And NO, I did not grow my audience to make these huge leaps. My audience grew + so did my income, when I did this 😏👇

I stopped doing business according to the old, expired version of me. I let myself evolve and make changes.

I shifted my messaging and content to attract higher-level clients I am meant to work with NOW. 

I adjusted my offers and my rates to reflect who I am TODAY. 

I lead with personal power, courage, and trust that every move I make, even though uncomfortable, adds to my massive growth.

I let myself be fully me on social media and was very intentional about posting ONLY for my dream client.

I finally SAW and ACCEPTED how powerful my work is. I stopped downplaying my success and owned my results and story like never before.

I let that be known in every piece of content I put out there. 

And…this is what happened next…

500 clients said YES to my programs in 5 months.

I signed the dreamiest 100k client. 

My recurring surpassed $20k/mo and keeps growing.

The demand for programs is so high I wake up to an inbox full of requests before I start to sell.

Sales in my sleep are a regular thing. 

Multi 5-figure months are the norm.

My business blew up in 30 days. When you know what shifts to make, people start buying like mad. This is the work we do inside the Inner Circle.

What’s included:

  • 1-1 60 min Voxer Intensive to kick off
  • Bi-weekly Zoom hot seat calls
  • Private community with access to me between calls
  • Personalized feedback on offers, content, and your BS 😉 
  • ALL ACCESS PASS to live + self-led programs I launch during our time
  • Inner Circle Strategy Vault: high-level strategy on messaging, content, offers, launching, client relationships, boundaries, and energetics. 

The investment is $12k PIF or 10 x $1.5k/mo 

PIF BONUS: 3 x 60 min Voxer sessions to use during our time together. 

The first call will be held on Monday, February 5th @ 11 am ET. 

All calls are held on Mondays @ 11 am ET on Zoom. 

This is a highly curated space.

If you know this is the space for you, shoot me a DM for a quick chat to make sure we’re a great fit, and this Mastermind meets you where you’re at.

What women are saying about the Mastermind:

We had ONE call. In 26 minutes, we nailed exactly what her next-level positioning + message is. We nailed the offer suite and the prices in 60 minutes.”After ONE call, I’m already sure that working with you is the best business decision I’ve ever made”.

We had a conversation about navigating the void during our call. And the she posts this: $17k sales DAY. These are the kind of shifts + results my clients make when we work together. They remember who tf they are and make A FUCKTON OF MONEY.

“19k after one month of starting work with Eva last year. Never stopped since.” (Margo is a world renowned artist, currently working with an international publisher on a signature oracle deck!)

“In an hour, she achieved what no other coach I have worked with could get remotely close to. She is able to articulate the essence of who someone is, she can see it.”

“I had THE most fire 121 session with Eva. Leaning ALL the way into my zone of genius, and it feels good!”  If you have the option to grab a bonus 1-1 with me, know it will CHANGE YOUR BUSINESS. My clients SWEAR by intensives with me!

There’s a reason so many of my clients resign and stay with me for longer. The results speak for themselves. 

” Thank you for holding space and for giving me permission to come back to my true north. Thank you for being the witch who goes first. I just landed my first 50k client.”

“You are an absolute genius at what you do. Holy fuck!!! The investment has been made back already. Blow my mind.”

The minimind has literally flicked a switch in me. Thank you for just being who the fuck you are with that gift of yours.

She made her investment back within ONE WEEK. Inside my high-proximity spaces, my clients move FAST.

She sold out her high-ticket mastermind within weeks! After we repositioned the offer and spiced up the messaging. 

When you work with me, the era of you undercharging and overdelivering ends. It’s time for bigger clients, paydays, and a business you fall in love with all over again!

The calls are…powerful af. We dive into energetic shifts, mindset reframes, and advanced strategies that take your business to consistent multi 6 figures and beyond.

“This is SO GOOD I can’t believe it’s call ONE” – the vibe of my close proximity calls is always YES BITCH, WE ARE EXPANDING FASTER THAN YOU THOUGHT! And the people are here for it. 

Making more money faster from people you didn’t know existed? YES.

High ticket offer sold after one post, in 24 hours, after raising her rates and selling at the highest price TO DATE. Sold to her current audience, no masterclass or free event!

First $5k PIF after raising the price for her signature offer – sold to her current audience.

$6k recurring secured within 2 weeks after refining the offer + messaging + positioning. She sold it to her current audience using a free masterclass!

After changing her focus and starting a new career, she’s already got her first client!

We’ve been working together since 2019. She’s built a 6 figure International Tarot School and bought a house by the beach #goals

My clients are continually in awe of how SIMPLE MESSAGING can attract instant interest in the highest ticket packages. This is what I do!

Raised her rates 10x, sent one email to her CURRENT LIST, booked 2 clients at the new high rate right away from that ONE email with new messaging + new mindset.

$8k client secured after 1 x 60 min session where we got clear on messaging + positioning + new offers suite + mindset reframes. This was a CURRENT CLIENT who upgraded!

She ditched what she thought she should be doing and embraced her calling. Result? So much demand she couldn’t keep up, and an $8k launch.

A few tweaks in how she talked about her offer and the tangible results and BOOM – it’s raining clients overnight!

We had ONE conversation  = money pouring in from current clients, past clients, and new clients. New contracts signed. Without a second spent on growing an audience. Just capitalizing on what she already built #bossmoves

IMPORTANT: All sales are final. Due to the nature of this program, there will be NO REFUNDS. For all programs and masterminds, if you are paying through a payment plan, you are responsible for completing each payment regardless of whether you leave the program or do not complete it in the time frame provided. There are no refunds. 

Earnings Disclaimer: You acknowledge that we have not and do not make any representations as to the physical, mental, emotional, spiritual or health benefits, future income, sales volume or potential profitability or potential of loss of any kind that may be derived as a result of your participation in this Program or Product. We cannot and do not guarantee that you will attain a particular result, positive or negative, financial or otherwise, through the use of our Programs and Products and you accept and understand that results differ for each individual. We also expressly disclaim responsibility in any way for the choices, actions, results, use, misuse or non-use of the information provided or obtained through any of our Programs or Products. You agree that your results are strictly your own and we are not liable or responsible in any way for your results.


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