You’ve got a great business, and you get great results. But you want to do ICONIC SH*T, and you want 10x the results to match.

You are a big fucking deal. You know you’re a genius at what you do.

You’ve got multiple clients who rave about you. You put out an offer; you get sales. Your audience loves your content. 

Your bank account is looking better than ever. You’re finally in a place where you know that you can make money “out of thin air.”

AND…you know this is barely scratching the surface of what you’re capable of.  Lately, it’s become obvious that you’re ready for something more… A business that’s a lot more YOU

You’ve got multi-millions on the brain, but how you’re doing business feels like operating from a version of you that no longer exists. She can’t come to the phone because…she’s dead. Except…

You’re still working with clients who you have long outgrown because you CAN help them, not because you’re actually EXCITED to.

You don’t have a problem attracting new clients to your offers. You put out an offer, and it sells. But most of the people you attract aren’t your dream clients, and running your offers often feels draining. Your business doesn’t feel fun anymore, and you’re ready for a different client inside your offers. 

You’re still running the same offers that no longer feel aligned, and the way you deliver them no longer feels good to you. 

The offers are great, and your clients are getting results. But you’re bored with the work you’re doing and tired of answering the same questions over and over. Every day, you feel like you’re living in an old version of yourself that no longer feels like who you are now.

You’re still writing the same content that keeps attracting the same people, with the same objections, who want the same offers

You want a fresh audience, fresh eyes, different clients, and new conversations. But you’re unsure if your new DREAM clients are in your audience or would want to work with you at the rates you want to charge. So you stick to what you know, and the cycle continues.

YOU KNOW you want me to be your mentor through this shift. Because you know that with me in your ear in 2024, THIS is where your business is going 👇

Doing whatever the f*ck YOU want to, with the audacity of a middle-aged Wallstreet bro 😉 Content and offers that make your dream clients wet their pants and throw their credit cards at your checkout pages. 

I don’t teach ONE strategy or ONE way. We determine which strategy makes sense for you and make it work. The goal? You’re living out the purest expression of what YOU are the best at, that unlocks the floodgates to illogical results. 

Feeling like the ONLY girl in the world for your clients 😏

Whatever you sell, they buy. You raise the price? They buy.

You decrease access to you? They still buy. The container ends? They re-sign—at the new, higher rate. They always buy because you’ve turned up the mfking dial on YOU, and they don’t even care what TF you’re offering (or read the sales page).

When I restructured my business to match the new version of me, my income tripled in 30 days, and my spaces filled with a new kind of client. 

When I started showing up with audacity, I owned the fuck out of what I am the best at, and reflected that in my new offer suite, my business EXPLODED in 30 days. I went from inconsistent $10k/mo to $30k/mo and stayed there.

I enrolled OVER 100 clients across multiple offers in 30 days when I changed what I post on my feed I had no idea there were that many buyers in my audience!

I signed the dreamiest 100k client and started working with more advanced, 7-8 fig business owners.

My recurring income surpassed $20k/mo and keeps growing because my content attracts repeat buyers who want all the things.

The demand for my programs is higher than ever. When I drop info about a new offer, I wake up to an inbox full of requests from people who want to BUY NOW.

You’re not here to follow trends, you ARE the fucking trend. When others are trying to copy your last move, you’re already 5 steps ahead, trailblazing new paths. Owning your genius, trusting your heart, and moving accordingly IS THE VIBE inside this space.

You are ICONIC. And it’s time what makes you the fucking icon in your industry, is reflected in your business. The Inner Circle is your shortcut to making this happen NOW. No rules, no blueprints, no bullshit. We make YOUR way, THE way. 


Join the Inner Circle Mastermind (application only)

✅ Intimate space for 6-7 figure business owners (no more than 10 women in a cohort)

✅ 6 months (May-Mid November, with a 2-week break during the summer)

✅ 1-1 Voxer Intensive to kick off (you can schedule this as soon as you join)

✅ Personalized feedback on your messaging, copy, content, and offer suite (1 x week, up to 5 business days turnaround time)

✅ Bi-weekly hot seat calls on Zoom (Mondays @ 11 am et)

✅ FB community with access to me between calls

✅ Access to everything I launch during our time together (both live and self-led programs, with lifetime access)


$1.5k/mo or $7.5k PIF

Join the women exploding their businesses with more dream clients + sales on 🔥

$350k additional revenue in 3 days thanks to our conversations and your coaching perspective on personal brands.”

“I just landed my first 50k client. Thank you for holding space and for giving me permission to come back to my true north.”

After shifting her message to speak to her dream high-level client, she signed two clients and made $5k from ONE email. 

Amelia turned a $40 reading into an $8k launch and generated so much demand she couldn’t keep up. 

$17k sales DAY while navigating the void. I show you how to create content that converts your dreamiest clients regardless of what’s going on in your life/business.

Biki sold a $6k package from a single post in 24hrs. Without a masterclass or free event. Someone in her audience saw the post and bought right away!

Fiona made her investment back within ONE WEEK. Once your content makes your dream clients MOVE, the dial on your income moves as fast as they do. 

Louise sold out her high-ticket mastermind within 2 weeks after we made small tweaks in the messaging so it spoke to her dream client. 

Margo started hitting 19k/mo after one month of us re-working her social media content and the positioning of her offers.

$8k client secured in 60 minutes after I helped her with a messaging upgrade.

First $5k PIF after raising the price for her signature offer & shifting the messaging to match.

$6k recurring secured within 2 weeks after refining the messaging + positioning. Her most loyal followers jumped on the offer STAT!

IMPORTANT: All sales are final. Due to the nature of this program, there will be NO REFUNDS. For all programs and masterminds, if you are paying through a payment plan, you are responsible for completing each payment regardless of whether you leave the program or do not complete it in the time frame provided. There are no refunds. 

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