Drop the pressure to be fully healed, strategically perfect or worse – to be both.

You have the power to create mind blowing results NOW.

The essence that makes you magnetic is ready to be discovered – all you have to do is take the action that translates what sits deep inside your soul into energy, words and offers that your people can understand.

Unleash the unapologetic, fully expressed, powerful woman you already are and align your mind with the strategic action you take today to create exponential results in your business using social media.

Remove anything that stands in the way of your expansion.

Show up in effortless, aligned energy.

Cast a wider magnetic field with your presence.

Create content that pulls in the right people.

Understand how and what you want to sell.

Sell it with ease and grace – no pressure required.

Create overflow without overdoing it – no hustle vibes.

leverage the synchronicity of aligned energy, the power of your mind & clear, simple strategies

Generate more wealth, more growth and an overflow of new followers and clients with an effortlessly magnetic online presence.

“I’ve had a lot of coaches and mentors before but I’ve never had as many breakthroughs, clarity and confidence in my offers, who I am, speaking my truth and being even more myself than with being in this container with you!!!”

Eva is the best business coach I have ever met! She gives so much knowledge and value, encouraging me to find MY OWN way – I truly recommend her courses!


The Align Your Mind 1:1 Intensive: this is where we work through the beliefs, stories and fears that stand in the way of you fully unleashing your magnetic essence. We establish what you have believed about yourself up until this point that is simply untrue, and holding you back from creating exponential visibility, attraction and wealth. During this session, we accelerate the timeline to your success as we crack the code to your magnetism & YOU claim that you’re powerful and ready right NOW.

The Magnetic AF Marketing 1:1 Intensive: during this session we translate your essence into energy & words that your people can understand. This is where we dive into your message, your content and how you show up on social media to create your magnetic, wildly profitable online presence. Expect clarity around how you show, what you post, how you attract more of those fuck yes clients and how to do it all without the hustle vibes.

The 6 Figure Synchronicity 1:1 Intensive: during this session we crate your personal 6 figure synchronicity blueprint for success. I’ll support you in creating your own process around birthing & promoting a hell yes offer on social media – so you’ll always know how to create an overflow of abundance in your business. With my guidance, you’ll pour your newfound alignment and magnetic essence into a “chills all over” offer, and we’ll plan how you will promote + sell it on social media. You will create an aligned, feel good blueprint that you can use over and over to channel, package and sell your work in a way that’s unique and magical – your own blueprint for success.

INSTANT ACCESS  to Content 2 Cash, my signature course where I walk you through the complete social media marketing system that turns strangers on the internet to loyal clients who LOVE to pay YOU – so you can finally stop guessing & learn the exact process behind creating binge worthy content that gets you the attention, reach, clients & consistent cash.

3 MONTHS OF ACCESS to my social media membership – The Content Queen Collective: the complete solution to your monthly social media marketing needs. You receive monthly LIVE content strategy trainings, visibility mindset talks + LIVE Q&A. You’ll get access to a Content Vault filled with video trainings, content ideas, prompts & social media schedules. You’ll also get access to engagement threads for FB + Instagram to boost your algorithm.

“My LIVE has 724 views! That is like unthinkable to me…the most was 60. 40 shares, friend requests, new followers, DM’s, comments – I’m getting ALL the action!”

“I sold 10 seats to my blow job workshop! I am so excited because I haven’t sold anything since the first week of January – this is a big fucking deal to me!”

“I have booked TWO sessions and I just had someone reach out for a 3 month mentorship. NONE OF THESE WOMEN have EVER interacted with me. EVER. They’re coming out the woodwork!”

“I have invested SO much money in marketing courses and none even compare to the value, knowledge, practical info and advice you give. Never have I come across someone as fabulous and worth every cent!

“Anyone sitting on the sidelines – just do it. Working with Eva Kalvig has been the best thing for my business…Trust yourself and do it.”

“Holy Fucking Shit. SALES. From people I’M SO FUCKING EXCITED TO WORK WITH. Do what Eva says.

“Not only have I launched and SOLD my course, just woke up to a 1:1 enquiry. Let her help you!

“This course has put more shit together for me than the 3k I’ve spent on other programs – my business wouldn’t be what it’s becoming if I hadn’t decided to work with you

“Joining Eva’s programs has been one of the best decisions I made for myself – so if you’re ready to become a boss bitch in your industry, get loads of love and support, shift into thriving and becoming, please sign up…It’s fucking magic.”

“100 peeps in my challenge organically. 1:1 signed PIF. 4 sign ups to my 3 day intensive that’s not officially launched. What she teaches is pure fucking magick…I have NEVER felt so aligned & excited about my business.”









Essence is a 30 day 1:1 Accelerator – meaning all 3 private coaching sessions take place within 30 days of enrollment. You get access to the Content Queen Collective membership for 3 months counting from the date of enrollment. You get forever access to the Contetnt 2 Cash program.


Is this just for coaches?

No – I work with clients in a variety of industries, ranging from online service providers like OBMs, VAs and social media managers to photographers, psychics, tarot readers, mediums, healers, reiki practicioners, therapists, etsy shop owners,estheticians, writers, painters, nutritionists, dieticians, fitness instructors – to name a few. 



Both. This is for women who are done taking inner work or strategy to the extreme and not seeing the results they’ve expected. This accelerator will help you harness the synchronicity between mindset, aligned strategy and action to create exponential results without obsessing over inner work OR implementation, so you can create your personal, balanced blueprint for success. 


Do I need to have an audience / offer to enroll?

No. If you have an audience and you have offers you’re already selling – great. If you’re coming back after a break, pivoting, rebranding, starting a new venture – you can come into this clean slate and we can work together to create an aligned tandem of energy, mindset and strategic action to get you off to a strong, profitable start.