You are The Healer of the Collective…

You are a nurturer – you naturally step into the caretaker role in your life and people flock to you intuitively.

You are a good listener and people open up to you quickly – you often hear about their deepest thoughts, problems and desires within hours of meeting them.

There is an aura about you that makes you easy to trust, lean on and go to for help and support.

You are a great mentor, an empath and intuitive, feeling into other people’s emotions, moods and energy comes naturally and effortlessly to you.

You’re understanding, insightful and carry almost a motherly energy – even if you’re not a mother to your own children.

You radiate an aura of openness, warmth, dependability and nurturing that makes you an anchor for others to lean on.

Your Strengths: You have an incredible intuition, if only you relied on it more often.

Your ability to read energy, people’s intentions and emotional state is imppeccable.

You’re a born counsellor – you know exactly what to say and how to say it in order to lead people through the thick of their deepest transformation.

Your Weaknesses: You fall into the trap of people pleasing due to your nurturing nature.

Even if you don’t consciously realize it, you tend to rush in and “save the day” even when it’s not expected of you, or desired.

You have a strong need for love and acceptance and you think it can only be given to you through being useful – i.e. through nurturing others and helping them process whatever they’re going through.

You focus on people so much that there’s barely room for you, which leaves you resentful, frustrated and it tends to fire back in the most turbulent ways.

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