You are The Catalyst to Ascension…

 You expand the people who land in your vortex.

You inspire them to dream bigger, to go beyond the 3D, to imagine the unimaginable and to think the unthinkable – and then decide it’s theirs if they desire it. 

You guide them to meet their higher self, drop into their inner wisdom and listen to their intuition.

You act as the catalyst to transformation, new perspectives, uplevels and elevation. 

You encourage people to expand their vision for themselves, their business, and what they expect from their life. 

You have a vision for something more in this life and you’re not afraid to go deep in order to get clarity, direction and inspiration for the next steps to fulfill it. 

Your Strengths: Everywhere you look, you see possibility.

You radiate expansive energy, you’re always on the outlook for new opportunities, and you’re not afraid of exploring new perspectives. 

You’re eager to keep elevating how you perceive yourself, the world and the people around you. 

Your Weaknesses: You’re so focused on what’s “out there” and what’s next, that you sometimes forget to stay present in the moment. 

You’re always searching for the next thing, the next fix, and often forget to appreciate how far you’ve actaully come and what you’ve achieved. 

You can become disassociated from reality, which gets in the way of following through and reaching the expansion you so deeply desire. 

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