You are The Bearer of Balance

You thrive in balance and you’re the one everyone goes to when they need to clear their mind and get a plan in place. 

You think logically, you can tame the wildest chaos and remain grounded in the most stressful situations. 

It takes a lot to bring you down – you’re the last one standing when everyone else is losing their shit. 

You’re perceptive, insightful and decisive. 

Your approach is methodical, well thought through and you refuse to rush your art. 

There is always a method to your “madness”. 

You’re determined to reach your goals, and you’re an excellent motivator – people often rely on you to hold them up when they can’t find the strength in themselves to carry on. 

You’re a guide, a beacon of light at the end of the tunnel and map how to get there all at the same time. 


Your Strengths: You’re a tower of strength, you can untangle the most atrocious mess and mold it into a beautifully flowing plan for success. 

You’re calm, grounded, perceptive and insightful even when the pressure is on. 

You refuse to bend under external circumstances.

Your Weaknesses: In your tendency to lean on the logical, practical and pragmatic, you sometimes forget, or simply refuse, to go deeper. 

You sometimes disassociate from your emotions, and in turn stunt your growth because you don’t gain insight by turning inward. 

You judge yourself harshly, and measure your success with possessions and material wealth often.

You have a hard time appreciating your achievements, enjoying the present moment or celebrating success.

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