You are The Activator of Potentiality…

You encourage and even trigger people to think differently, to question the status quo, to release the fear that’s been holding them back from fully experiencing life and who they are in it.

You empower them to acknowledge and harness their inner power and to discover who they really are beneath the surface of doubts, worries and shoulds.

You activate their desire to lead themselves through life without looking to others for permission.

You “give” people permission to be fully expressed, unapologetic and certain in that who they are is enough and worthy of divine compensation in every form they may desire.

Your Strengths: You are powerful, bold and daring. People admire your strength and ability to see through the bullshit.

Your courage and effervescent personality is a breath of fresh air. 

Your Weaknesses: You can fall into the trap of speaking from frustration and/or anger if you lose command over your fierce energy.

You can come off as judgmental, energetically “heavy” and even pushy or intimidating.

Your untamed nature can make people feel intensely triggered and uncomfortable to the point of being unable to sit in your presence. 

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