You’re stuck on the edge of your next level breakthrough. you’re so ready for more growth + more money but… fear is standing between you and your next big leap.

You can’t seem to make decisions in your business without questioning and doubting yourself every step of the way because you’re so afraid to screw up what you’ve worked for thus far, even though you know it’s time for some changes.

You’ve been censoring yourself on social media, watering down what you really want to say and holding back the next level version of you that’s been bubbling under the surface because you’re anxious that it’s going to turn off your audience and turn away your clients.

You’ve been wanting to upgrade your offers so they align with your next level goals + lifestyle but you’re afraid of fucking up what’s working right now OR WORSE – taking a hit on your income, so you hold back. 

You’re afraid to raise your prices and add on higher level options of working with you because you’re not sure that your audience is ready to pay those rates so you’re holding back, feeling resentful towards your people & clients.

Your marketing strategy is touch & go. You’re overwhelmed with all the things you need to do to grow your audience, attract the right clients and make the sales. You get so exhausted you end up confusing yourself, questioning your entire strategy, procrastinating and half of your to do list doesn’t get done. Sometimes you feel like you’re just winging it and getting lucky.

You’re putting everyone else’s needs in front of your own. You say YES when you want to say NO. You’re reluctant to set firm boundaries with clients in fear of losing them and you end up working more than you’d like to, doing things that aren’t exciting anymore because you’re scared to say NO.

If any of these statements have you thinking “How The Hell Did She Get Inside My Head” then keep reading because you’re in the right place!

I get it – it’s scary AF to make changes in your business when things seem to be working “fine”, except you’re just not feeling like *this* is what you really want.

Yes you’re making money, yes you’re getting clients, yes you could technically leave it be but you are yearning for something else, something more aligned and more “you”.

You’ve tried creating new offers and upgrading your current programs but every time you do, you end up questioning yourself, questioning whether your ideas are good enough and if you’ll get the sales.

You’ve tried raising your prices but you’re so afraid that nobody will pay you these rates you never end up pulling the trigger.

You’ve attempted going bolder with how you show up online but you get paralyzed by the fear of what people will say and the notion that you’ll turn away clients and lose followers is pretty terrifying so you hold yourself back.

You’ve tried setting stronger boundaries, tapping into that “next level woman” like they told you, holding the vision of how you want your next level business to look like, but you always end up snapping right back into your old ways in fear of pissing people off and losing your income.

You’re literally dying for more confidence in yourself and some sort of guarantee that ALL of this would work no matter what.

That you could do business your way AND make more money at the same time, without sacrificing yourself in the process.

That you could raise your prices, adjust your offers to feel like a FUCK YES, show up however you want to, say NO when you feel like saying NO and still make more money without feeling chained to a business that no longer serves you the way you need it to.

I feel you girl, because I’ve been there more times than I’d like to admit – it’s a constant battle of you vs. the fear and it’s tough AF – except I need you to know that you, my friend, are so much tougher.

Imagine what it would feel like to drop everything that feels heavy, revamp your business to feel like a FUCK YES & double your monthly income at the same time.

Imagine you had the confidence to raise your prices & keep your clients, sign MORE clients at your higher rates and make MORE money without ever doubting that people will pay you.

What would it feel like to say NO to all the bells and whistles and just sell what feels good, aligned and exciting for you, without worrying that nobody’s going to buy?

To open up Facebook or Instagram and just write a post or go LIVE without ever hesitating on what you’re going to say because you’re so damn sure of yourself and you KNOW your people are going to LOVE IT.

Imagine having your business strategy so clearly mapped that you know exactly what you’re doing every single day to bring in the cash, without feeling stuck, confused and exhausted every step of the way.


How would it feel to know that you’re hitting your money goals every single month, without having to say YES to the things you really do NOT want to do?

I know what you’re thinking. “How on EARTH would I do this & where would I even begin?”

You’re afraid of fucking it up, you’re afraid of losing your clients & you’re afraid that no one is ever going to pay you again if you decide to do it all your way, without catering to everyone else’s needs first instead of your own.

It can be nerve wrecking and overwhelming when you’re on the brink of a big breakthrough in your business, and you KNOW you’re teetering on the edge of your next level leap BUT the fear is clouding your judgment.

You know you’ve got what it takes to charge more without giving up your firstborn.

You know you’ve got what it takes to offer the next level programs you’ve been sitting on for months.

You’re just about ready to say NO to all the shit that doesn’t feel good any longer.

You’re one foot on the other side but…you keep asking yourself “What happens if this all goes wrong?”

Well I’m going to ask you this – “What happens if it all goes RIGHT?”

Because with the right support, the right guidance, empowerment, strategy & action plan, you can be kicking ass & taking names, making next level money and feeling like a million bucks in as little as 8 weeks.

Which is why I created Elevate – a high level support container for the woman who is ready to step into fierce alignment and leap into her next level business.




Elevate is a high level, 12 week 1:1 coaching program for the woman who’s ready to hit her next level money milestone by stepping into fierce alignment and upgrading her offers, marketing & mindset. 

With my support & guidance, you’ll drop everything that feels heavy and isn’t working anymore, embrace the things you absolutely love about your business, add on strategies + offers that feel exciting and elevate you to your next level monthly income on your terms.

We’ll focus on your:

Messaging | Offers + Pricing | Social Media Strategy | Marketing + Sales | Mindset + Boundaries

“I just started one of your programs…already making sales – $997 payment in my account, another $600 because my client upgraded, so fucking happy!!!”

“If I hadn’t done your course this new program wouldn’t have been up and I wouldn’t have $8K coming my way!”

“This shit works. For anyone who’s on the fence, we’ve had our best launch ever, and it’s still not done. If you haven’t signed up, do it now.”

“I am officially over what I made in ALL of 2019 AND still have time left in 2020 to double or triple that number. ALSO – I literally just got paid in full by a new client in my 1:1 program

“I’ve been making more & more money every single week and I have plans in place to scale the shit out of this! Thank you Eva!”

“100 peeps in my challenge organically. 1:1 signed PIF. 4 sign ups to my 3 day intensive that’s not officially launched. What she teaches is pure fucking magick…I have NEVER felt so aligned & excited about my business.”

“Not only have I launched and SOLD my course, just woke up to a 1:1 enquiry. Let her help you!

“I have booked TWO sessions and I just had someone reach out for a 3 month mentorship. NONE OF THESE WOMEN have EVER interacted with me. EVER. They’re coming out the woodwork!”

Today I made more in my business in ONE day than 2 weeks as a nurse. I’m coming for my $40k in 30 days. This shit works.

“I sold the HIGHEST package I’ve offered for a 30 day 1:1 WITHOUT reaching out to anyone. I’m so fucking proud of myself. 

“After my first course with Eva, I started getting PAID…literally, next thing I launched, I got money”

“I posted about an hour and a half ago and I already have a new client. Thanks for the keys to the Marketing Kingdom Eva!”

“This program will change your life and business! I went from barely making anything to consistent 4 figure months!

“My LIVE has 724 views! That is like unthinkable to me…the most was 60. 40 shares, friend requests, new followers, DM’s, comments – I’m getting ALL the action!”

“I signed up my 4th 1:1 client since starting work with Eva – for the first time I really feel on track!”

“Holy Fucking Shit. SALES. From people I’M SO FUCKING EXCITED TO WORK WITH. Do what Eva says.

“I sold 10 seats to my blow job workshop! I am so excited because I haven’t sold anything since the first week of January – this is a big fucking deal to me!”

“This course has put more shit together for me than the 3k I’ve spent on other programs – my business wouldn’t be what it’s becoming if I hadn’t decided to work with you


You question every decision you want to make in fear of fucking up your business & losing potential clients, so instead you stay stagnant and stuck exactly where you are, beating yourself up for not making progress as quickly as you’d like

You hold back what you want to say on social media because you worry you’re going to turn people away and lose potential customers when you go filters off

Your offers feel stale and your pricing needs an upgrade but you’re afraid to touch them because “what if” nobody buys and your current clients leave

Your marketing is touch and go, you get lost in your strategy and overwhelm yourself with all the things on your plate that you think you need to be doing to sell your shit

? You keep saying YES to the things you don’t want to do because you’re afraid that a NO will piss people off, lose you money & hurt your business

You’re teetering on the edge of your big breakthrough but keep pumping the breaks on taking action because you’re scared of “getting it wrong”


You have a fuckton more confidence & you trust yourself to make the right decisions from a place of desire and alignment

You show up with fierce authenticity, your audience is growing, your engagement is up and you’re no longer afraid of “what they’re going to think”

You’re in love with your offers, your prices feel like a FUCK YES and you’re signing the right clients who KNOW you’re the coach for them no questions asked

You have a clear AF marketing strategy that feels exciting and easy to follow – you know exactly what you’re doing every single day to bring the money IN

You’re putting yourself FIRST, setting stronger boundaries, and no longer catering to everyone’s emergencies before your own needs are met – you’ve waved goodbye to being the “YES girl” and it feels DIVINE

You’ve made the big leap to your next level, you’ve embraced what lights you the fuck up, dropped everything that feels heavy and your business is finally making the money you desire while feeling like a big, juicy FUCK YES! 


The Detox

What’s NOT working, what you want to let go of, what feels heavy AF and what you NEED to drop in order for you to hit your next level money goals – we’re going to take a good look at #allthethings. Without the drama, the chaos and making it more complicated or more stressful than it needs to be, promise!

Social Media Strategy

We’ll hone in your social media strategy to nip the overwhelm + create better results with a custom tailored plan that works for YOUR business. You’ll know what to post, where to post and how often to post to get more visible, grow your audience & attract more clients around the clock.

The Next Chapter

Everything you’ve always wanted in your business but were too afraid to pull the trigger on + what you didn’t know you needed that will get you to your next level. We’re going to get serious about creating the business you’re fucking obsessed with + what needs to happen to create it NOW.

Offers & pricing

Your offers, your pricing and your positioning are getting a GLOW UP to match your next level money goals. Anything that no longer feels like a FUCK YES is out the window, and I’ll help you create and upgrade your programs to feel aligned + make more money without draining your energy.

Your Online Brand

This is where we take a good look at your messaging, how you show up online and what you want to be known for in the online space as the next lever leader you’re about to become. We’ll also take a look at the fuck yes client you want to serve moving forward, and who you no longer want to work with.

Marketing & sales

We’ll talk about creating content that oozes confidence, touches on the right points & has your people saying YES no questions asked. You’ll know exactly what to do in order to market + sell your offers without the anxiety, confusion & constant questioning whether you’re doing it “right”. 


A 90 min “Detox & Elevate” Intensive

We kick off the program with an intensive that will help you get clear AF on your goals + focus over the next 8 weeks.

During this phase we talk about all the things that are NOT working + what you’d love to implement INSTEAD, in order to help you elevate to your next level income goals.

What needs to change, shift or be removed from your business in order for you to grow & make more money. We’ll dig into everything that you’ve been procrastinating on, wanting to kick but were afraid to touch. You’ll drop all the things that feel heavy and are weighing down on you, holding you back or feeling like a FUCK NO.

We’ll also talk about what your next level business actually looks like. We’ll talk about messaging, offers, pricing, marketing and the daily running of your business – how you REALLY want it to look like + what needs to get done for you to get there and hit that next level income goal on your terms.

Bi-Weekly 60 min Coaching Sessions via Voxer (6 in total)

We meet up weekly to talk about your offers, your strategy, your marketing & the mindset shit that’s coming up to make sure you’re on track with implementing + executing all the exciting upgrades that will lead you to hit your next level money goals.

Voxer access between sessions (Mon-Fri, I check in once a day)

To make sure you’re feeling supported & guided between our calls. Get my eyes + brain on your business and mindset in real time, to stay accountable, get your questions answered and keep taking action towards your goals.


3 months of access to my membership

Lifetime access to all 6 of my best selling courses



One payment of


(SAVE $200)

2 x montly payments of



This is a private coaching container.

The support is custom tailored to what YOU need the most, when you need it.

This means that every strategy, every tactic and every piece of advice is tailored to where you’re at, what you need and where you want to go with your business. We don’t do blueprints or cookie cutter strategies – we deep dive into what would work best for YOU,  YOUR BIG VISION for your business and your goals. You schedule in the calls at a time that works for both of us & you can use the Voxer check ins when YOU need the support the most.

There is no “perfect” moment to leap. You’ll never be more ready or less scared, and the best time is always NOW.

Trust yourself to make the right choice. You know you’re ready to make a change, and you’re ready to make it now.

You can wait another 6 months and feel so drained and exausted by the cycle you’re in right now, that you won’t have the energy or the drive to make shit happen. I know what I’m talking about because I’ve stalled on making these decisions for YEARS in my business.

?Because fear, because “maybe next time”, because <insert reason> why there was never a good time to do something FOR MYSELF and to create REAL, SUSTAINABLE change that would help me make more money, without sacrificing myself in the process.

?I was scared to fail, scared to fall flat on my face, scared to lose what I already had and scared to trust myself and that voice that was telling me to LEAP and make the change.

?But looking back, every single time I listened, trusted and took action, I created more wealth, less overwhelm and more of what I wanted in my business AND my life.

?Every single time I decided to make a change because I knew it was time to GROW and UPLEVEL, I did exactly that. It was scary AF and YES I did shit my pants for a while there, but IT WORKED.

?And why in the world wouldn’t it work for you?

?You got this far because you’re a fucking  badass. You’re an achiever, an overcomer, a FORCE of nature.

Now it’s time for that next step, to get you even further, so you can make even more money, create even more growth & do it in next level, fierce alignment with what you imagine your next level business + life look like. No more compromises!

?‍♀️There is zero sense in dragging out a situation that is grinding you into misery, making you feel exhausted, frustrated and resentful, when you could be working towards a new way to create more income without all the fuckery, the sacrifice and the guesswork.

?Let’s get you set up to start elevating to your next level FUCK YES business TO-DAY, so you can drop all the heavyness, make more money doing what really excites you and thrive in the online space ON YOUR TERMS.



?You want to have more confidence and trust yourself to make the right decisions in your business without constantly doubting or questioning your judgment

? You want to show up with fierce authenticity and know that the right people will love it no matter how bold and real you get

? You want to raise your prices, upgrade your offers, create a new standard of working with you and sell only the things that feel exciting AF 

? You want to have a clear strategy that feels simple + easy to follow so you know exactly what you’re doing every single day to grow your audience, attract clients & make more money

? You want to set strong boundaries, say NO with confidence, stop working so much & stop being afraid that standing up for yourself will cost you clients or money

? You want to embrace what lights you the fuck up, drop everything that weighs heavy on you and leap into your next level to create a business that feels like a big, juicy FUCK YES while bringing in more monthly income ON YOUR TERMS.


? You want to keep relying on other people to validate your decisions for you

? You’re ok with censoring yourself on social media and holding back what you really want to say just so people like you

?You’re ok with your current prices and you don’t want to charge more and be able to work less for the rates you’re currently being paid

?You don’t need a clear marketing framework and you’re ok winging it every day, doing whatever pops into your head and hoping it works

?You’re fine with putting everyone else first and remaining in martyrdom because you feel like you’re on this earth to serve everybody around you and keeping yourself last on the list of priorities

?You’re not ready to make your big leap, you’d rather wait and keep yourself stuck in the cycle of undercharging, overgiving, resenting your clients, spinning your wheels around what to do on social media and how to market your shit, hoping you can figure out a way by yourself. You’re perfectly fine trying to make it work on your own, even if costs you some sleepless nights and a lot more stress.

If you’ve gotten this far we both know you’re SO READY to do things differently. You’re DONE with how your business looks like now. You’re ready to ELEVATE.

Ultimately you have 2 choices.

?You can keep going and doing the things you’re doing right now, hoping that somehow, some way it’s magically going to change one day.


?You can decide to change it right now. You can take intentional, focused action and create what you want next for your business, without the guessing game, the anxiety and the wishful thinking.

Think about where you want to be 6 months from now.

Hell, think about where you want to be just one month from now. It’s ALL within your reach when you decide to make that change and put in the work – step by step, piece by piece, to make it happen.

Just like you got to where you are now – you can get to where you want to go next, and we both know you’ve got what it take to evolve and elevate into more growth, sustainability and money every month.

All you need is an action plan.

The right support.

the right Guidance you can always fall back on, the right strategies for YOUR business and where you’re at right now without it all being so confusing and overwhelming.

You need some accountability, some ass kicking and some direction so you stay on track and upgrade your business the right way, in the right places, to get the results that you want.

So you don’t take 3 steps back when it comes to raising your prices. So you don’t falter when it comes to standing up and saying NO to the things you don’t want.

So you know exactly how you’re executing your next launch, and how you’re showing up on social media to explode your audience growth with the right people that will then become your long term clients.

It can all come together in order to support your next level income goals, without the chaos, the mess and the exhaustion.


Your journey to ELEVATE to your next level business & make more money every month in fierce alignment with who you are + what you want STARTS NOW.


I can’t wait to see you on the inside!

Ready to hit your next level money milestone without the hustle & grind?

One payment of


(SAVE $200)

2 x montly payments of