Create content so👏 fucking👏 good it makes them skip the sales page and sprint 🏃‍♀️ straight to checkout 💰💳

Get my Rapid Conversion Content System that turns your social media feed into an ATM 💰 and converts more lurkers into buyers every time you post. Stop asking, “WTF do I say so more dream clients buy TODAY?!” and start sharing content that has them throwing their credit card at your checkout page 😎 even if they just found you. 

Your content is getting clients, but your sales feel SLOW🐢

It feels like you have to post a lot of content and say a lot of sh*t to make the sales you desire. Your people are THERE! They’re watching your stories, engaging on your posts, clicking through to your sales pages, and sending you DMs. But what you’re posting isn’t moving more of them to BUY NOW.  

You spend hours ⏰ overthinking your content so it attracts the right clients.

When you’re feeling inspired and in flow, you create content that attracts a flood of DMs, and more people buy. But there are days and weeks when you have no idea what to say, and creating content that moves dream clients to say YES feels impossible. That’s when your posts feel random, and the flow of sales slows way down. 

You’re still attracting a lot of people who can’t afford your rates or aren’t ideal clients.

You do attract some dream clients who jump in right away and pay in full. But you’re still getting a lot of objections in the DMs, even when the prices are low ticket. It makes you question whether you should lower your rates or give extended payment plans, even though you don’t want to. 

When your posts DON’T create “hot, heaving, ready to hump your leg 🥵💦” DESIRE for your work, your dream clients will watch & clap for you, but they won’t BUY.

That’s why so many people are watching your stories, opening emails, loving your content, commenting, and agreeing with you—but they’re not buying.

Your content is motivating, inspiring, entertaining, interesting, and fun, but it does not position you as THE mentor they absofuckinglutely must hire RIGHT MEOW.

They look at your content and think:

“Oh yeah, that’s nice. That’s interesting. That’s cool.”

Meanwhile, they should be thinking:

“Holy f u c k, who is this magnificent betch, and how can I hire her immediately?!”

How do you do that? By creating content that makes *you* stand out as THAT betch. THE ONE whose work will transform their life and make their desires a reality STAT.

Making small changes to what you post on your feed can TRIPLE your income in the next 30 days 👇

When I stopped educating, riffing, venting, inspiring, and motivating in my content, my business EXPLODED in 30 days. I went from inconsistent $10k/mo to $30k/mo and stayed there.

I enrolled OVER 100 clients across multiple offers in 30 days when I changed what I post on my feed I had no idea there were that many buyers in my audience!

I signed the dreamiest 100k client and started working with more advanced, 7-8 fig business owners.

My recurring income surpassed $20k/mo and keeps growing because my content attracts repeat buyers who want all the things.

The demand for my programs is higher than ever. When I drop info about a new offer, I wake up to an inbox full of requests from people who want to BUY NOW.

Make your social media feed your dream clients’ FAVORITE SPOT to spend all their money 😎 💰

Inside this course, I break down exactly what I post to generate $30k+ every month straight from my social media feed. I break down the exact posts I use to attract, engage, and sign my dream clients into multiple offers at EVERY price point. 

Inside Rapid Conversion Content, you’ll find 7 detailed video modules that will show you exactly how to:

create content that puts you in front of more dream clients

I’m sharing my biggest secret with you: creating content that gets wild engagement from the right people. Skyrocket your visibility, reach hundreds more dream clients who want what you’re selling, and turn those fresh eyes into money in the bank.  🏦

create content that makes them want to hire you as soon as they find you.

Create a feed so on fucking point for your dream client; they immediately know they’re hiring you NEXT. Wake up to an inbox full of DMs saying, “Where have you been all my life, and how can we work together RIGHT NOW?!”

create content that gets more dream clients lined up to buy

Create content that brings out the irresistible IT factor in your offers, getting more dream clients lined up to buy, as soon as you start selling. Get ready, bae. Your milkshake’s about to bring ALL the betches to the yard. 🥤


Create content that makes your dream clients go, “Where’s the link? Take mah money!”  Blast through objections with content that slaps so hard they don’t need to read 100 more posts because they already know they’re IN 😎

write spicy content that turns heads & strangers👉buyers at speed.

Turn strangers 👉 followers 👉 buyers at speed. Stand out with content that looks and sounds different than every other coach in the industry. Get known as The Iconic Betch of your craft 👑

GROW an army of ride-or-die followers who buy every-thang.

 Create content that makes people feel so connected to you that they never want to leave your world. Build an army of loyal, ride-or-die clients who buy everything you sell and keep recommending you to everyone in their world. 

And you get TWO bonus trainings that will 🤯 your fucking mind.

Content that builds a HOT AUDIENCE🔥🔥🔥

Content Hooks that make MORE people BUY NOW 💰 

wondering if it’s the right choice for you?

This course is PERFECT for you if you want to…

Translate the magick of your work into words that make more dream clients scream, “Where is the link?!” & buy immediately.

The way I teach content puts YOUR magick and YOUR work at the forefront. You’ll know exactly how to translate why you’re the bad bitch everyone needs to hire immediately. Your posts will be the treasure chest 💎 in a sea of same old 🥱

Have a simple, repeatable content system. So you know exactly what to post, to make daily sales from your feed.

You’re done guessing your way through content and counting on being inspired or fired up to make great sales. You want your content to make great money regardless of how you feel or what mood you’re in – that’s the ultimate freedom!

Be seen by more dream clients, have more of them engage with your content, and jump into your offers.

You want your content to put you in front of more dream clients every day. The dream: strangers land on your feed, binge it, and decide they’re ready to buy the same day. Because your posts take them from “Who IS this?” to “Take my MONEY!” while you’re busy living life 😎

Join the women exploding their businesses with more dream clients + sales on 🔥

$350k additional revenue in 3 days thanks to our conversations and your coaching perspective on personal brands.”

“I just landed my first 50k client. Thank you for holding space and for giving me permission to come back to my true north.”

After shifting her message to speak to her dream high-level client, she signed two clients and made $5k from ONE email. 

Amelia turned a $40 reading into an $8k launch and generated so much demand she couldn’t keep up. 

$17k sales DAY while navigating the void. I show you how to create content that converts your dreamiest clients regardless of what’s going on in your life/business.

Biki sold a $6k package from a single post in 24hrs. Without a masterclass or free event. Someone in her audience saw the post and bought right away!

Fiona made her investment back within ONE WEEK. Once your content makes your dream clients MOVE, the dial on your income moves as fast as they do. 

Louise sold out her high-ticket mastermind within 2 weeks after we made small tweaks in the messaging so it spoke to her dream client. 

Margo started hitting 19k/mo after one month of us re-working her social media content and the positioning of her offers.

$8k client secured in 60 minutes after I helped her with a messaging upgrade.

First $5k PIF after raising the price for her signature offer & shifting the messaging to match.

$6k recurring secured within 2 weeks after refining the messaging + positioning. Her most loyal followers jumped on the offer STAT!


Join Rapid Conversion Content and watch your feed call in more dream clients on repeat every time you post.

When you register, you will get Instant Access to…

  • 7 video modules that break down my exact Rapid Conversion Content System, showing you how to write posts that:

Reach + engage more dream clients in your existing audience

✅ Help more people decide they’re going to work with YOU ASAP from the moment they find you

Sign more dream clients into multiple offers from your existing audience 

Turn more lurkers into buyers and get the fence sitters off the fence without being pushy or salesy

✅ Ignite massive desire for your work and speed up sales

✅ Build a hot audience full of of repeat buyers who jump into every offer

  • 20+ examples of my best-converting posts, with line-by-line explanations of why they called in clients + made sales.

  • Examples of how to speak to dream clients in different niches (business, relationship, health, spiritual)

  • BONUS TRAINING 1: Content Hooks that make MORE people want to BUY NOW 💰

  • BONUS TRAINING 2: Content that builds a HOT AUDIENCE 🔥

  • Lifetime access to all materials  

IMPORTANT: All sales are final. Due to the nature of this program, there will be NO REFUNDS. For all programs and masterminds, if you are paying through a payment plan, you are responsible for completing each payment regardless of whether you leave the program or do not complete it in the time frame provided. There are no refunds. 

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