You don’t know what to post, what to say, or what to share, to get people to pay attention, let alone to pay you.

Creating content is frustrating AF and it has you procrastinating like an expert.

Showing up as your true, authentic self and saying what you really want to say makes you break a sweat.

You’re afraid of being judged and rejected (again), so you end up either posting mediocre shit or you don’t post at all…

You’ve had a lot of failed launches, crickets on your posts and empty room FB lives that make you think there’s something wrong with you.

You want to get noticed + get fucking paid – every single month.

Imagine creating unlimited cash *just* from your social media feeds.

Imagine having an audience filled with people who pay attention and actually care about what you have to say.

People who engage with your content as soon as you hit the *share* button – so you never have to worry about hearing crickets ever again.

What would if feel like to finally be able to attract the right people TO YOU without having to get on ANY sales calls, without having to cringe while sending the same fucking DM to the 100th person that day and without having to GUESS your way to something that actually works?

Wouldn’t it be such a damn relief to know exactly what you’re posting every day and also know that it’s all adding up in your favor, getting more eyeballs on your business, your offers AND creating more cash in your account around the clock?

What if selling on social media regularly wasn’t giving you hives anymore, what if you KNEW every single time that it was going to work, without feeling “icky or gross”?

Without having to pretend you’re someone else, without the facades, without taking hours from your day and without having to raid people’s inboxes or FB groups?

What I’m going to teach you is going to fucking revolutionize the way you think about social media.

A curated monthly membership for bad bitches who are sick and tired of hearing the same ‘advice’ when it comes to social media strategy and content creation.

In this membership, I will teach you HOW TO:

Get in front of the right people, skyrocket your following & call in fuck yes clients that pay in cash by creating magnetic content that gets OFF THE HOOK engagement.

✅Use powerful, authentic AF content to get noticed & build your online visibility quickly, without having to exploit your private life, without sob stories and without pretending to be someone you’re not.

✅Create bold & brilliantly written posts that get massive engagement, attracting your ideal clients to you by the boatload.

✅Learn exactly how to promote your programs on social media to get people excited & ready to pull the trigger without messaging you, asking for a call or negotiating your price.

✅Master selling on live video without having a panic attack, do it like a natural & find payment notifications in your inbox after you’re done!

✅Remove the guess work, overwhelm and constant “what next” feeling when it comes to creating content.

A complete set of social media tools delivered every single month so you no longer have to guess your way to getting visible and cashing in! 

“If I hadn’t done your course this new program wouldn’t have been up and I wouldn’t have $8K coming my way!”

“I am officially over what I made in ALL of 2019 AND still have time left in 2020 to double or triple that number. ALSO – I literally just got paid in full by a new client in my 1:1 program

“I’ve been making more & more money every single week and I have plans in place to scale the shit out of this! Thank you Eva!”

“I signed up my 4th 1:1 client since starting work with Eva – for the first time I really feel on track!”

“After my first course with Eva, I started getting PAID…literally, next thing I launched, I got money”

“This shit works. For anyone who’s on the fence, we’ve had our best launch ever, and it’s still not done. If you haven’t signed up, do it now.”

“I posted about an hour and a half ago and I already have a new client. Thanks for the keys to the Marketing Kingdom Eva!”

“This program will change your life and business! I went from barely making anything to consistent 4 figure months!

“My LIVE has 724 views! That is like unthinkable to me…the most was 60. 40 shares, friend requests, new followers, DM’s, comments – I’m getting ALL the action!”


Monthly LIVE *Clarity, Clients & Cash* Q&A Calls

The heart of this community, hop on LIVE with me to ask me anything about growing your audience, getting more clients and selling out your offers. (you can pre submit questions if you can’t make it live!)

Here’s what we’ve been talking about recently on our weekly Collective Q&A Calls:

  • What should you focus on in your business to make the most money?
  • How do you price an offer to get the most clients?
  • How do you create content so people comment on the post – not the picture?
  • What do you do if nobody is commenting on anything no matter what you post?
  • What do you do if you’ve been launching 50 different offers and not one sale?
  • How should you edit your posts so people read them til the end and leave a comment?
  • Is a membership a good idea for your business?
  • How do you go about launching a membership on social media?
  • How to you decide what you want to do in business if you love so many different things?
  • Should you run 2 different IG accounts?
  • What if you don’t like your FB group anymore, what do you do?
  • Is there a different strategy for selling on your profile vs. in your FB group?
  • How do I word this thing so people get it and buy it? (we have this one every week;)

This is not some stick up the ass membership where I throw 3 trainings at you and leave you to it, this is a real sisterhood.

We walk together as you make progress, grow the amount of people who follow you, buy your offers and we celebrate each and every milestone together!

We cheer on you, support you and hold the vision for your success.

Weekly Engagement Threads for FB + Instagram

Community support goes a long way, and in this Collective, women support women – which is why you’re getting engagement threads WEEKLY to up your engagement game!

Weekly FB Engagement Thread where you can post links to the posts and lives where you need comments and engagement STAT (including sales posts!)

Weekly Instagram Engagement Thread where you can post links to the posts and lives where you need comments and engagement STAT (including sales posts!)

INSTANT ACCESS TO THE CONTENT QUEEN VAULT - every strategy + tool you need to get in front of more people & create quick cash right now.


Quick + no bullshit trainings that show you exactly how to get in front of your fuck yes people without spending a dime on ads. I walk you through ever step, strategy and post you need to share to get more women (and men) in your audience who love, comment and show up LIVE – waiting for that next offer to drop. 


Simple trainings that reveal the secret sauce to pulling in clients who are looking for what you offer + ready to hire you RIGHT NOW. I walk you through creating social media content that gets an easy FUCK YES + fills your programs without convincing, pushing, DMing, getting on sales calls or promo in free groups.


Instant money making strategies for the woman wants to make MORE money NOW. I show you exactly how to use posts, livestreams and human psychology to make fast cash whether you’re selling 1:1s, group coaching or passive products – with every piece of content you share, starting NOW.

A private, supportive FB community

Access to a private FB community filled with almost 80 women who are growing their online empire just like you – holding the vision for your success, ready to support and cheer you on!

“My LIVE has 724 views! That is like unthinkable to me…the most was 60. 40 shares, friend requests, new followers, DM’s, comments – I’m getting ALL the action!”

“I sold 10 seats to my blow job workshop! I am so excited because I haven’t sold anything since the first week of January – this is a big fucking deal to me!”

“I have booked TWO sessions and I just had someone reach out for a 3 month mentorship. NONE OF THESE WOMEN have EVER interacted with me. EVER. They’re coming out the woodwork!”

“I have invested SO much money in marketing courses and none even compare to the value, knowledge, practical info and advice you give. Never have I come across someone as fabulous and worth every cent!

“Anyone sitting on the sidelines – just do it. Working with Eva Kalvig has been the best thing for my business…Trust yourself and do it.”

“Holy Fucking Shit. SALES. From people I’M SO FUCKING EXCITED TO WORK WITH. Do what Eva says.

“Not only have I launched and SOLD my course, just woke up to a 1:1 enquiry. Let her help you!

“This course has put more shit together for me than the 3k I’ve spent on other programs – my business wouldn’t be what it’s becoming if I hadn’t decided to work with you

“Joining Eva’s programs has been one of the best decisions I made for myself – so if you’re ready to become a boss bitch in your industry, get loads of love and support, shift into thriving and becoming, please sign up…It’s fucking magic.”

“100 peeps in my challenge organically. 1:1 signed PIF. 4 sign ups to my 3 day intensive that’s not officially launched. What she teaches is pure fucking magick…I have NEVER felt so aligned & excited about my business.”


You’re a couple of strategies away from creating content that fills your programs & your bank account.

“TODAY I made more money in my business than during 2 weeks as a nurse – this shit WORKS.

“People who didn’t join the Content Queen Collective are seriously missing out – you take ALL the overwhelm out, I’m moving at lightning speed.

“I sold the HIGHEST 1:1 package I’ve ever offered – no outreach!

“This is the BEST investment I’ve experienced. If you want to push past the bullshit on superspeed and simply get to what it takes to make fucking money…THIS IS IT.”

When you join the Content Queen Collective You Get:

Monthly LIVE *Clarity, Clients & Cash* Q&A Calls – ask me anything about growing  + monetizing your audience so you can create quick cash injections in your business RIGHT NOW.

INSTANT ACCESS TO THE CONTENT QUEEN VAULT – every strategy + mindset tool you need to grow a wildly engaged loyal audience that loves YOU and loves to BUY from you. 

✅ Weekly Engagement Threads for FB + Instagram – get more engagement + more reach on your posts and offers!



Set big, juicy goals for 2022 without holding back.

Understand who you have to BEcome to meet them & learn how to unleash your next level woman.

Map out your action steps to hit every single one with confidence, no matter what life throws at you.

Get in for just…





Get the Annual Membership and receive:

EVERYTHING in the monthly option PLUS:

2 months for FREE – you only pay for 10 months in the membership, the other 2 are on us!

60 min 1:1 Boss Bitch Breakthrough session with me – plan out your 5 figure launch, get your 2022 social media strategy done, birth a FIRE message that sways the masses, this is your time to get first class support that results in BIG bank (you can use it ANYTIME during the next 12 months)

INSTANT + LIFETIME ACCESS to ALL 4 of my bestselling courses

👉 Facebook Famous. The complete Facebook marketing framework to getting more followers, clients & cash without spending a dime on ads or sending a single DM.

👉 6 Figure Content Calendars. The secret sauce to selling out any coaching offer on social media using my done-for-you proven promo content calendars.

👉 Money on Demand. Create, market and sell fast cash offers in your business = make money whenever you fucking feel like it.

👉 The Fuck Yes Formula. The 4 step process behind creating a powerful online brand that makes bank every single month.

= $1678 worth of BONUSES! 

Your Investment



🔥 Almost $1.7k in BONUSES, 2 months for FREE + a 1:1 session with me🔥