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You don’t know what to post, what to say, or what to share, to get people to pay attention, let alone to pay you. creating content is frustrating af and it has you procrastinating like an expert.

You’ve been told you need to be vulnerable and share a sob story, and even though you do not want to, you have no idea how else to get attention and get visible in the online space. 

Showing up as your true, authentic self and saying what you really want to say makes you break a sweat and brings up a lot of fears of being judged and rejected, again.

You’ve had a lot of failed launches, crickets on your posts and empty room FB lives, the lack of engagement over and over again is starting to make you think there’s something wrong with you.

You don’t have a loyal audience that’s paying attention to your shit every day, you’re struggling to grow one, and so the sales aren’t really coming in regularly..or at all.

You’re afraid to sell consistently for fear of being judged as “icky” or “gross”, and the thought of selling on live video gives you hives – even though you know it’s “the thing” to do.

you’re done guessing your way around creating content that works. you want to get noticed, booked solid & you want to get fucking paid – every single month.

You’ve been posting on social media, trying to get people to pay attention and nothing has been fucking working.

You’ve done EVERYTHING, literally every.fucking.thing you’ve been told.

You’ve used ALL the different strategies ALL the different coaches have taught you and yet still CRICKETS seems to be the only outcome that you get.

?‍♀️They told you to “give value” – you’re sharing those fucking tips, tricks, hacks and pointers.

?‍♀️They told you to “be vulnerable” – you’re sharing stories you really don’t wanna, in the name of business.

?‍♀️They told you to be “relatable” – you’re plastering social with your kids + snapshots of your lunch.

?‍♀️They told you to be “inspirational & positive” – you’re going out of your way to be a ray of sunshine when you’re naturally a “bitch resting face” kinda gal.

It makes you wanna throw shit and scream cuss words. I fucking get it.

Putting yourself out there, putting your own creations out there, HOPING TO GOD it works this time, risking the rejection, risking hearing NO, and then – actually being rejected and getting a no over and over again fucking sucks.

I get it because I’ve been there plenty of times.

I wasn’t born with a business that works and I certainly wasn’t born with an audience that pays attention to me.

?I did the lives that nobody came to.

?I wrote the posts that only got pity likes from friends and family. 

?I did the launches that got zero interest and zero bites.

?I had the social media feed that felt like tumbleweeds, crickets and desperation.

I fucking get it girl.

It doesn’t mean SHIT about you.

It just means you need a new strategy – and no – not a shiny “5 k in 5 days” blueprint.

A strategy that will finally showcase who the fuck you really are, in your whole glory, authenticity, POWER and magnetism.

It’s only when you come out of your shell and finally show the world who YOU are and what YOU are all about, that shit finally CLICKS.

That’s when the engagement, the clients and the cash start to flow with so much more ease, I fucking PROMISE you.


Imagine creating unlimited cash *just* from your social media feeds.

Imagine having an audience filled with people who pay attention and actually care about what you have to say.

People who engage with your content as soon as you hit the *share* button – so you never have to worry about hearing crickets ever again.

What would if feel like to finally be able to attract the right people TO YOU without having to get on ANY sales calls, without having to cringe while sending the same fucking DM to the 100th person that day and without having to GUESS your way to something that actually works?

Wouldn’t it be such a damn relief to know exactly what you’re posting every day and also know that it’s all adding up in your favor, getting more eyeballs on your business, your offers AND creating more cash in your account around the clock?

What if selling on social media regularly wasn’t giving you hives anymore, what if you KNEW every single time that it was going to work, without feeling “icky or gross”.

Without having to pretend you’re someone else, without the facades, without taking hours from your day and without having to raid people’s inboxes or FB groups?

Before you roll your eyes *hard*, just listen to me for a hot second.

you get to fuck the “system”.

I know they teach you to dm bitches to make it more “personal”.

I know they teach you to drop into 100 fb groups to “engage”.

I know they teach you to follow up with “prospects” 50 times a day to make sure you “close the sale”.

Bitch has that ever felt good to you?

Have you gotten massive results doing that?

Do you believe that’s a sustainable way to grow a business?

Can you imagine yourself doing that for the rest of your life?

Or when you’re sick?

Pregnant AF with your head down the toilet?

“Oh hai Susie *barf* just wanted to see *barf* if you were up for *barf* a parley on Zoom *barfbarf* about my new *barf* program?”


The answer is always no. 

It’s not sustainable, I’m betting money you’re fucking sick and tired and you won’t be able to hold that shit up for long.

Which is why you need a different strategy.

One that actually has a chance to work.

One where you get to speak to the ENTIRE INTERNET about your amazing shit and people get to fall in love with you by reading your posts and watching your lives.

Even when you’re not around.

Because content lives on – even when you’re sleeping.

Or puking because pregnancy hormones.

And what I’m going to teach you about content creation and using content in your online business is going to fucking revolutionize the way you think about social media.

Get ready.



?Content Queen Cash Machine? is A social media marketing crash course for the female entrepreneur who wants to convert her social media content into paying clients.

This program will teach you how to create social media content that CONVERTS strangers on the internet to loyal clients who LOVE to pay YOU.

So you can finally stop guessing & learn the exact process behind creating posts that get you noticed, get you booked solid and get you paid – every single month.

If you want to: 

✔️Use powerful, authentic AF content to get noticed & build your online visibility quickly, without having to exploit your private life, without sob stories, or pretending to be someone you’re not >>> you get to be 100% yourself and blow your social media the fuck up.

✔️Create bold & brilliantly written posts that get massive engagement + have crowds of people watching your fb lives (+ even more on replays!), attracting your ideal clients TO YOU by the boatload 

✔️Know exactly how to promote your programs on social media so people get excited, know they want IN and they pull the trigger without messaging you, asking for a phone call or negotiating your price. because it gets to be that.good.

✔️Create sales posts with unshakable confidence & get the cash rolling in every time you launch a new program, taking comfort in the knowing that your content marketing works. no more scrambling between strategies, ending up with 0 sales.

✔️Sell on live video without getting a panic attack, do it like a natural & find payment notifications in your inbox after you’re done (and have more coming in as people watch the replay!)

✔️Remove the guess work, overwhelm and constant “what next” feeling from your business to do list when it comes to creating content – aka no more spending  weeks or months wondering what to post, how often to post, how to say it & what to say next…

Then ?CONTENT QUEEN CASH MACHINE? is the program for you.

You’ll learn the “how” behind monetizing your social media content so your social media feeds can *feed* your bank account. LITERALLY.


3 x 2 hr in depth video trainings that cover social media + content marketing strategy

You get strategy notes + prompts with every training (I’ve got you covered my visual learning peeps!), along with examples of posts that I have used, that have grown my visibility, exploded my audience + sold out my launches.

Training 2: Creating bold & brilliantly written content that attracts boatloads of ideal clients to your programs

[ Including the step by step process I use to map out social media promo posts that have my people pulling the trigger and buying my programs without messaging me or asking for phone calls.]

?A walk through the 3 different types of posts you can use right away to amp up your client attraction game and start filling your programs with more ideal people faster, without getting on calls or sending out 100’s of DMs.

?Examples of the posts I’ve personally used to market my programs & attract clients who are ready to say YES

Bonus 1 - An example of a weekly social media posting schedule

[ Including simple tips to help you navigate your weekly social media posting routine]

?Does not include posting on weekends = sustainable strategy.

?Allows for maximum flexibility so you can mold it around YOUR lifestyle and how YOU want to run your business.

Bonus 2 - Create content that builds a POWERHOUSE online brand video training

30 minute video training on using powerful, authentic AF social media content to build your POWERHOUSE brand.

Learn how to stand out online, become a go to coach and understand once + for all that competition is IRRELEVANT when you show the fuck up as your true, authentic self.

Training 1: Creating authentic content that gets you noticed (even when you have ZERO audience) + grows your following on social media FAST, without exploiting your private life.

[ Including your very own social media content power pack. It’s a compilation of topics + types of posts that you can use to get noticed + get more visible + grow your audience]

?A walk through the 7 different types of posts you can use TODAY to grow your audience quickly & massively increase your visibility + engagement on social media

?Examples of the posts I’ve personally used to grow my audience & get more engagement

Training 3: Creating content that confidently sells your shit on social - without sending DMs or getting on calls EVER AGAIN

[ Including the strategy behind doing FB lives that get views, engagement + replays AND selling on live video without getting a panic attack ]

? A walk through the only 3 types of posts you need to use in order to sell your shit on  social media.

I’ll show you exactly HOW to write your sales pitches so you can finally DITCH the sales calls, the DMs, the follow ups and make ALL of your money from your social media posts + live streams! 

?A doc filled with examples of my sales posts that have sold out a variety of my programs at different price points

?A bonus training on the Anatomy of a well written CALL TO ACTION with examples of CTAs I have used to make sales on Facebook.

Bonus 3 - Creating sales content that makes people say YES

40 minute video training on how to talk about your program on social media so people WANT to BUY IT – no questions asked.

An in depth look at how to position your program, how to craft the right message, how to communicate the outcomes & how to make it clear to your people that it’s the right program they NEED IN on NOW.

Bonus 4 - The reason people aren't buying + how to FIX IT with great content

35 minute video training on troubleshooting why people aren’t pulling the trigger on your programs & how to fix that with shifting your social media content strategy.

An in depth look on the most common reasons why people aren’t buying – even if they’re clicking through to the sales page, checkout page or declaring that they’re IN + what to do in order to get those sales rolling IN without losing your damn mind.


A 2 part video training that walks you through my content marketing system that I’ve used to start hitting $10k+ months using just my Facebook profile.

I show you how to get people to notice you on Facebook, how to grow your audience and how to get clients using your Facebook profile without sending DMs or paying a cent for ads. 

You’ll learn a super simple system that will help you build a big, engaged audience that happily buys from you over and over again – something I’ve done to successfully establish a 6 figure business that keeps growing every year.




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