Hi, I’m Eva, your biggest supporter on the journey to becoming unapologetically rich, while you do the things you LOVE – no settling.

I believe that you get to have both – a business where you do what you want to, and a bank account flush with cash. 

I don’t follow many rules, unless they’re my own. I believe you get to make your own rules, and they get to work for you. After all, that’s why you chose to be an entrepreneur, right? I believe women are powerful beings, and we don’t give ourselves enough credit. 

If you’re here, I know you’re whip smart, ready to stop following and start leading like the baddest bitch that you are. 

I want to welcome you to my world. This is where you will be encouraged to explore and embrace what being YOU really means. Because it’s only when YOUR true essence comes out to play, the BIGGEST bucks are made with more ease than you could have thought possible. Are you ready to play with the BIG girls? 

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Just like i’m not your typical coach…

This won’t be your typical “About” page…

I’m a straight shooter with an ADHD brain, instead of a novel about my life that neither of us would sit through till the end, here’s a snapshot of who I am, and what my life is, in a few words and pictures. 


My family is everything to me. I’m married to my best friend, we’ve been together since 2013. My husband has been my biggest supporter since day 1, and he’s the smartest human being I know. He’s a Physics PhD, and his experimental research is actively changing the landscape of modern technology. He’s also dad to our 5 yo son, Gustav.


My son is 5 yo, and he’s the apple of my eye 😉 It’s one of my greatest missions to give him the best life where he can explore and embrace who he is to the fullest. My Aries child is just as temperamental, fiery and determined as momma, and I’m so proud of the little man that he’s becoming every single day.


My son is on the spectrum, and I’m diagnosed ADHD. Inclusivity is part of my company culture, and I do my best to accomodate neurodivergent clients inside my programs. I’ve been actively educating myself about autism and ADHD for the last 5 years, and I strive to make the information I create as accessible as I can to ND women.

Middle East

I was born in Poland & raised in Doha, Qatar, where I attended a private British school and spent the entirety of my childhood. I grew up in a multi cultural environment and I’m bilingual – I think and speak in 2 languages fluently (Polish and English). I used to speak fluent French, but forgot most of it when I moved back to Europe at 18.


I got my first tattoo at 35 and it was love at first jab. It’s a representation of my guardian angel, created in the micro realism technique, which I’m a big fan of. I’m currently building out a sleeve on my left arm. I’m a self proclaimed Morticia, so I plan on adding both celestial and occult themes into the mix. I also have have a pierced nose, belly button & lower lip.


Aside from all the world changing serious shit I do, I’m actually a basic bitch. I love Starbucks. I wait all year to have a Pumpkin Spice Latte. I LOVE HALLOWEEN. It’s my favorite holiday ever. I bring out the pumpkins, spider webs and witchy stuff the second September 1st rolls around. Fall is my favorite season, I thrive in the misty, foggy, cozy vibes.

this is how it all started

My 10 year love affair with Marketing (and counting)

2005 - 2011

BA in Business Management + MA in International Marketing

I’ve got a full on Business School Education, a BA in Business Management from a Private Business School in Cracow, Poland, and an MA in International Marketing from the top 3 Business School in the country. 



I got my dream job, it took me 5 times to actually get in. 5 times – I did not give up until they said yes. I started as an intern, and eventually worked my way up to Product Manager for the La Roche Posay brand. I’ve also worked on Inneov (luxury supplements) and Skinceuticals (luxury SPA cosmetics). 



The big uplevel. I was recruited to become a junior brand manager, but things shifted dynamically and I quickly became the acting brand manager for Domestos, managing a multi million dollar brand. I also worked as the brand manager for Dove Hair Care, overseeing the brand portfolio for all of Central + Eastern Europe. 



Another uplevel. I was recruited for a Campaign Manager position in Avon Poland, responsible for multi million dollar campaigns across Central & Eastern Europe, attending and presenting at board level meetings. I was only 27 years old.


The Big Breakthrough

I decided that the corporate world is not my pair of shoes. I made the decision that I don’t belong in the 9-5 system, and I have to find a different way to build an income for myself. That’s when I started exploring other options, and discovered the online business world.

During the last decade, I’ve worked with some of the biggest Fortune 500 brands:
on my way to where i am today

I wasn’t afraid to get my hands dirty…

I’ve done hundreds of hours of VA work between 2016-2018

I’ve worked with multiple 6, multi 6 and 7 figure coaches on everything from admin work, through social media scheduling, copywriting, tech setup, payment processors, web design, graphic design – you name it, I’ve done it. I started at $18/hr. Today, an hour of my time costs $1,000 USD. 

I’ve worked as a Business Manager for 7 figure entrepreneurs between 2016-2018.

I’ve managed hundreds of projects, teams, launches and businesses across industries. I’ve seen behind the scenes of multiple coaching businesses over the years. I’ve had up to 15 clients, all at once – VA, PM and OBM, to juggle, and I’ve gained a LOT of experience in the process. 

I set up & managed a Digital Agency between 2017 – 2018, while pregnant, all the way up to delivery.

From designing the actual agency, to recruiting the team, managing the team, managing the clients, coaching + strategizing with the clients, managing multiple launches at the same time, overlooking financials and strategy for the agency itself – I single handedly ran a Digital Marketing Agency while pregnant, all the way up to delivery.  

I created, grew & sold a website for 5 figures in 2016, using organic Pinterest marketing.

I created a wellness website, from scratch, using Pinterest marketing, back in 2016. I bought a domain on an auction, wrote 12 high quality blog posts, drove traffic via Pinterest marketing, and managed to skyrocket it all the way to 80k unique views per month. I sold the website via Escrow.com, including all social media assets, for a 5 figure profit and used the money to fund my coaching business.

my philosophy

You can grow the kind of business YOU want using any platform you like. There are no limits to what’s possible, with the right marketing. It’s your time to make…

Money on Demand™ 


My clients have to tell you…

Eva Kalvig has been the best coach I’ve ever had. I went from nothing to making 6 figures within 2 years. Working with her enabled me to build and scale my business, that paid for my beautiful home. 

Marina Lovasz

Tarot, Astrology, Mediumship, Soulful Business Coaching

If you want to know the HOW of marketing, that is Eva’s strength. She can show you how to run a sold out practice, while getting your time AND your financial freedom BACK.


Psychologist, Mindset Coach

I’m a single, special needs mom with 3 kids, I just had my biggest day in business ($6k cash in one day), all I want to say is this – Eva’s programs work. That’s it.



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