You have so many questions. 

Considering ALL this work you’ve done so far, you should be making AT LEAST $8k – $10k a month.

I hear you and I agree. 

I also know why you’re still hovering below or just around 6 figures. 

And in this workshop, I’m going to get real uncensored about how to finally hit that milestone. 

You’re not like anybody else, and blueprints probably haven’t worked for you before. 

You don’t want them either – you started this business for the freedom, you’re done chasing money and paying for it all with anxiety, frustration and so much overwhelm. 

This is why I’ll show you a different approach to making $10k months your new normal. 

We’re going to look at your offers, pricing, marketing, sales AND the mindset shifts that are required to hit the glorified 6 figure mark. 

We’re also going to take into account something most coaches don’t – your humanness.

Maybe you’re a single mom, or maybe you’re autistic? Living with ADHD? Mothering special needs kids? Working a real world job and trying to make your full time salary with an online business? 

I see you there, behind the scenes, juggling so much shit. 

And I’m not about to tell you to “just believe and receive”. 

No girl, we’re gonna have some REAL TALK during these 5 days. 

Real talk about the kind of offers you need to be selling, how to decide your prices, where to find your ideal clients, and how to market to them so they buy. 

I’m also going to riff on the mindset shifts required to take your income all the way to $8k-$10k months and beyond. 

No stone left unturned. 

I know you may have tried so many different ways to make this work, but have you ever tried to figure out YOUR OWN FUCKING PATH? NO? 

Well let me help you do just that. 

Let’s talk about how YOU can honor your life and YOUR energy, while skyrocketing to $10k months and beyond – no more settling, or sacrifice.

The world hasn’t seen anything from you yet, and it’s not too late to become wildly abundant – in both money AND time to LIVE a DAMN GOOD LIFE.

When you finally figure out what would really work FOR YOU, the shifts are going to be monumental, you’ll see!