The way I teach content marketing and social media visibility is like nothing you’ve ever experienced before.

By leveraging the synergy of energetics, mindset and simple social media strategy that’s tailored to who YOU are as a woman, my clients get exponential results, over and over again.

What I teach is pregnancy proof, kid proof and made for women who want to LIVE their life first – while building a wildly successful business around it.

If you never want to worry where the next client and the next payment is coming from – you’re in the right place.

It’s time to create the kind of visibility that pays for a 7 figure lifestyle – no more compromises.

Content Queen Collective Membership

The complete solution to ALL your monthly social media needs – this is for the online entrepreneur who keeps procrastinating on their social media marketing. If you want done for you money making content strategy, visibility training + content prompts & ideas every single month, this membership has you covered!

The Content Queen 1:1 Experience

For the woman who’s ready to fast track her way to massive visibility, high level clients and a multiple 6 figure business or beyond. If you want to take your social media game to a whole new level, grow your audience at light speed, get in front of thousands of new people & monetize your visiblity beyond 6 figures, this private coaching container is for you!

What they say about working with me…

“I’ve had a lot of coaches and mentors before but I’ve never had as many breakthroughs, clarity and confidence in my offers, who I am, speaking my truth, and being even more myself!”

“I’ve been making more & more money every single week and I have plans in place to scale the shit out of this! Thank you Eva!”

“This program will change your life and business! I went from barely making anything to consistent 4 figure months!”

“I signed up my 4th 1:1 client since starting work with Eva – for the first time I really feel on track!”

Eva is the best business coach I have ever met! She gives so much knowledge and value, encouraging me to find MY OWN way – I truly recommend her courses

“If I hadn’t done your course this new program wouldn’t have been up and I wouldn’t have $8K coming my way!”

“I just filled the new round of Glow the Fuck Up with 25 people! THANK YOU SO FUCKING MUCH for showing me that I get to be da bitch who fills programs with EASE just by being me!!”

“After my first course with Eva, I started getting PAID…literally, next thing I launched, I got money”

 I turn “girls people scroll past” to powerhouse social media icons everybody loves to hire ❤

My name is Eva Kalvig – I’m a happily married boy mom, an online entrepreneur since 2015, and every single cent of my multiple 6 figure business is driven by fiercely authentic content.

I’m a self proclaimed Content Queen and I believe in women’s right to be fully, fiercely expressed, financially independent and bathing in the limelight while they get paid for it – and paid for it massively

I pride myself in teaching entrepreneurs how to fuck the fear, show up in their fierce authenticity and turn content to cash so they can create sustainable, recurring streams of income.


I don’t believe in “miracle formulas”, magical fixes and angels that send bags of dolla billz from the heavens.



I believe in YOUR potential to make a fuckton of money when you unleash the badass bitch that’s already inside of you.

I believe the game changes when you show up and speak up with unshakable confidence in who the fuck YOU are.

I believe that when a woman finally SEES her true power, she becomes an irresistible magnet to her “fuck yes” clients and next level ca$h.

And this is what I do best – I ignite the mother.fucking ROAR deep inside your heart that makes you unstoppable.

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